Monday, December 26, 2011

What would it be if i didn't meet them?

Just a brief update on my life. 
Currently, studying for my finals and yeah it's been a while since my last post.
Don't really have inspiration to blog lately, but, now i'm trying my best to excel in my study XDD
As you can see the above picture, there is a few numbers of my classmate, they're so great, i'm glad i pick UPSI as my tertiary institution. It was worth it. These people had changed me from being timid boy to a grown man, hopefully these bonds last long.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



"The source of your strength comes within you"

Don't you feel kind of sucks ->

When some people think that they solely have feelings and others don't?

It is good too make fun of others but when the joke is on them it is vice versa?

When you made a mistake, ONE mistake and the whole clique starts to label you and give this piercing looks at you?

People can ask you favor but when there's one little thing you need from them, they turn back on you! Leaving you helpless, confused, and then starts to define you through their own words without actually looking deeper into it. I've been there a lot, i admit i am too NICE, too NAIVE, and too . WEAK.

But that doesn't means that you are allowed to treat me as if my existence meant nothing. I am not invisible nor stupid, i see how you act and i see how you react. Your piercing looks does hurt me but never in my thought i would do that to you, why for that one little error and i'll be branded like that. STOP, STOP, and STOP! I had enough with these dramas, i may not be perfect but that doesn't mean you can treat me like that. DON'T!

If you read this, i don't care who you are or what you are, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. Stop taking advantage of me, just stop!

Friends here are NICE but others just LEECHES!

Reachin limit? Ponder the worst.


"We are LIMITED but we can push back the borders of our limitation"

Its a quarter before midnight and i'm suppose be doing my synthesis paper and get ready to sleep, but as usual something came up and the synthesis was blown away by it. Predictable. Anyway, funny, weird things happened to me today, stupid things to be exact how embarrass i was to even think about 

Everything went the opposite and in awkward way...damn, it started with me woke up at 11.30 am rushing myself through serious make over, redo my hair many times and yet leave the house with messy hair. Style? You wish!. On my way to class nothing critical happened just ordinary trip, but i did suffered minor daydream symptom whereby i was dreaming about the bus had an accident and rolled a couple times before exploded into thin air, like Hatake Kakashi mangekyou sharingan and how it make stuff disappear, something like that and the miracle thing was i am the only survivor..maybe that's why its called a dream. And i like to dream worst things to happen so when bad things occur it seems little to me. Not a very good advice though, ignore it!.

Back to the point, the rest of the day turn to be okay with no supernatural things happen, but i can't seems to stop day time during Reading class where Rosli suddenly and intentionally pointed out that Nazi is similar to my name (Nazri) and all of sudden i was picturing myself with cute mustache and conducting a massive HOLOCAUST. Not something to be proud of. Another, during Mr. Seva class the funny thing is how much i try to force myself to focus in his class it never breaks through, all i could think of was having dinner. LOL.

 Okay, the daydreaming stops there, then came the embarrass part...i hate the part when i broke promises...sorry about that to anyone concern, never intended to, it just sort of happen..the bus incident, the massha catastrophe, and the webcam sensation. The bus incident was not funny to be told here and it happened because of Fahmi!! Grr...adding more unnecessary joke behind was something i would say "jatuh saham aku"  and i think i leave it just like that, to frustrated to share..=( 

Then came the massha incident, to all my friends listen to me, covering and slapping a person eyes from behind was not a funny thing to do, especially when the person was a stranger that resemble your friend. Please do make sure you had the right person. Otherwise, you'll end up like me...i thought i saw my room mate at Massha, then i went and covered his eyes and slapped his face from behind...and it turn out to be someone else!! Seriously, wasn't the best moment..i had to apologized twice to him...
Few hours after the Massha incident, i was in my room and doing my synthesis paper, hoping to finish it.."Ustaz Azhar" came, bullshitting here and there, i wasn't paying attention to a word he said...just nod and uttered something then continued with my work...Finally, after a few moment of silence a news struck me...the sahsiah class was cancelled, and my reaction was 

cause i was looking forward for the class, and then it was cancelled..urghh i'm making troll face again...
After receiving the news, out of blue old friend of mine contacted me through a video call it was surprisingly awkward cause i'm not sure of answering it and yet i did. It was something new..and the embarrass part was when i was too sexy for her to see then the conversation end up with both of us covering our webcam (what's the point of video call then??) so that we won't see each other face..i was half naked that time lol...not something to be proud of.

So, that's it i guess, well since tomorrow class is cancelled that leaves Mr. Rushdan class and it won't be until 5pm, still have time to do my synthesis, and hopefully i'll be able to finish many times of delaying works and chances were given yet, i took it lightly...very ungrateful!! Okay, then leave y'all with Assalamualykum.

Sunday, December 4, 2011



'A compliment is a verbal sunshine'

Yoshiii~!!~ sigh, it's been so long since my last post..and it's a little bit dusty in here, well that's what u get when u manage two last 24 hours had turned out to be fun, yeah fun!!! well, first i had to attend a compulsory-thirty-marks-course at Za'ba approximately 9 hours,straight!!!

As i expected the first 3 hours turn out to be boring as tuutttt....with talks and stuff..well u know when ppl talk we won't really listening, especially in those kind of environment...yarrhhhh. Anyway, the rest of the day turn out to be quite fun, i had time to shake m stress out with stupid dance...hahaha. It was awkward at first, but i manage to let myself slip for a moment and start doing the disco dance with my new found friend Ay, a chinese girl with hectic attitude.

It's fun, once in a while to meet new ppl coz u may never know what will going to happen in the future, so why don't you just take a risk and start doing something beyond the norm, i did!
And you'll be surprise with the outcome, it is outstanding d(>w<)b

honestly, i have a lot to share with, but my body seems to get extremely tired, donno y, but it just get weaker and weaker donno how long i can hold on..keep holding myself so i won't fall down, but this pain is killing me!! urghhh, pain2 go away don't come at any day!!

gtg...synthesis is calling and so with the pillow!! >w<"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holocaust to be?


"Never Back down"

I had a dream last night, nightmare to be exact. No, it's not about ghosts, and it is not about monsters either it is something else, something that is much deeper, nearer to the reality. I dreamt of HOLOCAUST. What if my dream comes true? What will happen to my family? friends? and my beloved country? Too many things burdening us, too many lies spread to us and i can just only hope for Allah's bless and protection.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly"

Hey, sorry it has been a while since my last post =..=" I don't really in the mood of blogging, kinda confused with my status and desire right now. I believe most of us live their life with someone they care and love, whether it is your family, loves one, or just friends. Well, today my post will be something that i had been craving to deliver it here, it is about something that help to shape who i am now, besides my family, which is my friends.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Death Approaching!


'Balance your mind'

My id, overwhelmed me and i lost my balance just now, i should be more careful before start doing something important or else die trying it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm not stress, just over thinking things.


"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers, but above all the world needs dreamers who do"

Lately, people keep misinterpreting my behavior, i never intended it to be that way it just sort of happened. Honestly, i couldn't control every move i made, it impossible to me, my nature doesn't work that way, i like to do spontaneous thing; one minute i'll be quiet while  the other around i might be hectic as hell~that is why i don't prefer to mingle with those who might get upset with it. You know, getting all cold after one mistake and deliberately continue it even though i tried to make it up. I can sense every feeling cause i am an empathy, i feel and i help.That's Me. Knowing what they feel, makes me feel even worse plus i just don't like to engage in this stupid Cold War, i had enough. However, by doing that people around started to think that i have got something under my sleeve, and i'm wearing short, nevertheless, it couldn't be worse than what had i've gone through. I am more mature than that, besides, this is not the time for me to get upset with everything, cause everything changes. Take friends for instance, they are like Chipsmore, they come and they one stays. Well, the truth is i am hoping that perhaps some might consider staying, but it is okay it has been a routine for me, i'll get over it..i hope.

This evening, after my Sahsiah class i went to bitarasiswa to withdraw some money and then guess who i just my senior! Yup Double A, i do know that he further his study here but i didn't expect to end up stumble upon him. Anyway, it's okay cause i believe he didn't saw me, hehe but the thing that has been bugging me is the issue they try show to us, about the posting issues. What about it? i don't know about it.

Oooh, there is something i would like to show you guys, it about ummm..i don't really know how to clarify it perhaps you guys can check the link here.

I think that's all for now, i hope to go home and get all motivation i need from my one and only friend. My Mom. Hehehe. Thanks for sharing your time just to read this entry, or my blog..=)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



"Go as far you can see and when you get there you will always be able to see farther" Zig Ziglar.

My, my, my, my, my music hit me so loud make me say "Oh my ****" <--my usual crapping sensation =p
Yea, now i can feel free doing illegal things coz i reached 20!!! I can go and stoning people around, hit them with 'christine', make fun of people, sprinkle2 slander and so on...but i am more mature than that, coz i'm 20!
Where's my cake?
Ha ha ha. Well since i reached 20 years old i would like to come out with an entry that definitely unparalleled to my universe; 7 things i would like to do before i turn 21.  <--very innovative is it?
Common mistake usually done by other blogger when they did this entry is they like to include something that will probably would not happen, eg; "i want to go to france", "become a martian" and so on...well as for me i would like to with the short term choices, it is more durable and achievable, less complicated and less ambitious? <--screw you people! so here are my 7 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 21.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crawling myself for AIR...!!


"Getting hook up! With Fb"

Just another update!! Quarter done with my portfolio, having sleepless night for the past 2 nights now..tired but its worth it..getting ready for Raya Haji!!! Yea.. i want to go home, miss PENANG that much, envy those who get to leave during Diwali..huhu..nvrtheless, hope to see my friends soon..yak yak yashi!!
its been a week i stuck in my room, with minimal human, anyway hope to succeed in this coming test lol XD, Gtg Cheekas..

p/s: hv u guys ever wonder who's the puppeteer?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy. =)


"Pets make me wanna cry, coz they're so cute!! People make me sad, coz they're so cruel"

Hey guys, what is up?! I don't know why, but now i'm experiencing an overwhelming happiness. Just talked with parents and miss them a lot, feels like crying but what the heck! Well, these couple days had been really fun, with  rexco duties and meeting, pc fair, assignment, meeting deadline. Yup, it's a hell of fun. I know perhaps this might not sounded fun to you guys, but hey i'm just being OPTIMIST. Besides, we need to embrace life as much as we can so we'll not be left out. Or missing those moments of a lifetime, something like that. =)

share your happiness with a friend.

Sunday, October 23, 2011



"Meon chute!! Feels like having a pet, miss my twins (not hock square ok)"

Friday, October 21, 2011

okay, i just received this from my friend telling that this 'ayat' is fake, it was actually made by people who try to destroy the muslim faith. Word of advice, if you don't know what 'ayat' you've seen don't just randomly pick and hang it in your house, that is so ignorant and damn stupid. This as mention in a group wall photos. Do spread the message, i'm just doing my part.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Life, Again?


"Having issues doesn't mean it's the end of the world, but it's the end of my world"

These couples days had been kind a slump, with tests going and everything seems to go all over places, i don't know what to think anymore. I had a meltdown just now, after the grammar test, i thought i was prepared with all the revision and stuff, but in the end the test proves me was hard and i can hardly answer it. Yeah, i do well in class with all the explanation given by me, but when you are alone you don't really know what you are doing. It's a total sucks. I don't know the outcome but i just need to buckle up for the worst though. Hopefully it would suffice.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



"The only person who can change your thoughts is YOU"
It will always be purple,

I lied to someone i love and told them, i'm fine. I cheated myself for being who i am now. I hate being invisible, but that's the thing i adore.

Between Love and Lies!


"The only person who can change your thoughts is YOU"

I lied to someone i love and told them, i'm fine. I cheated myself for being who i am now. I hate being invisible n

Rough Time.


"it's raining, oh guess Lady Gaga needs to find another date then"

Gloomy Sunday. I'm doing my finishing touch for my BIK 3013 class, but still it looks like nothing changes. Still with 1 slide and no others; dumb, slow, loser, lazy, daydreamer, mothafuc** those are the right words to define me in these last few days. Why is it so hard to complete an assignment? even if the due date is 4 weeks after, i still need to complete it.

Friday, October 14, 2011



"Celebrating Diwali anyone? Don't forget my 'murruku'"

Test is just around the corner and i don't know whether i'm mentally prepare for it, it seems so hard to be having a lot of these things going's not like STPM anymore, the duration is shorter. Here, few weeks later, BOOM! you'll have a test coming next week. Cruelty or just being lazy? I left the answer to you guys to ponder. Today had been fun, but if it wasn't for that lousy presentation on Linguistic it would be even better, who knows that the presentation carry marks? I did my very worse on it and now humiliation, desperation of getting high marks overwhelmed me. Lame excuses. I wish that i could rewind the time so i can give my very best, haha it seems too good to be true, but these things doesn't go that way, its reversible.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intimidate. Best word for now.


"Hello u lazy ppl who dont know when to giv up. 'OMG he's talking bout Fran Drescher'."

'Again, i'm suppose to have completed my ASSignment long ago, but WTFing is wrong with me? I cant really focus these days, keeps on dwelling in dreams, delaying my works, playing with fb and take shower for an hour (yes, roughly an hour, on weekdays).  My mind doesnt work like it used to, is it because i have to much freedom here? man i dont know how to discipline myself, it preposterous to think that i could cope with uni life, really silly. Why do i even convinced myself to further my study? Oh yeah, i didnt it's the other me(ridicule)....i dont want to be obligated by this matter, it rather tiring...skinny snorlax, y did u applied for rexco?? And why they elected me? <--bigger question, lol...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why it has to be like this?


"Talk about love and marriage. Rubbish."

Saturday suppose to be a fun day to me, but, why it has to be the opposite??!! I've been wasting my precious hour waiting for the bus to come, facebooking (mine to blame), again waiting for the bus to come!!  I look like a loser, sitting there begging for the bus to come yet none approach. In the end i had to take a cab to reach here. Wasting my ringgit. Piss off with the system here, plus there are some people who can't even take joke, even more hideous, stupideous and incredibly irksome!!!! Feel like slapping them 100 times. Yet i couldn't do that, since i am so lovely and cute =D...(puke)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Do I stand?


'Wind blew my assignment away, but, with the help of my friends (Rosli Dhoby) i got it back, thanks you guys'

Here, in KHAR where do i really stand? is there any clique that suits me the best?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Course TESL eh? Wah, hebatla kau ni..."


'I missed my morning prayer AGAIN. SHEET!!!'

That was the third time this i need to discipline myself, i'm such a skinny snorlax who loves to sleep (bad skinny snorlax). Okay, it has been approximately three weeks i have been living here (for those who were dumbfounded by this statement, i  had been accepted into UPSI as a DEGREE student in TESL) <----riaknya statement ni!!.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Too much to bear?


"Like always, my love for you guys never fade. Yeah, right"

Okay, i couldn't stand the idea of not posting entry on my beloved blog, it's cruelty, so i decided to keep on blogging during my leisure hour (whether or not i have leisure hour). Today's entry is about me congratulating myself for being selected as a Rexco for the Exco Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (lame). Unfortunately, for me this mean that my responsibility for the college is growing larger, in other words i have to spare my weekend for Rexco (i had to canceled my KL trip this weekend,SHEET!). Nevertheless, this also mean that i am growing mature and this kind of matter won't bother me much (ayat nk bagi sedap hati ni), i will do my duty willingly, even though deep inside i am suffering (kidding lol).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bye2 Blogger n Fb!


'Tanya sama pokok, apa sebab goyang...nanti jawab angin yang goncang'

The above title mentioned about me going to leave FB n Blogging? Yea right, FB maybe, but never blogging it's my compassion to blog everything i have encountered.Nay, actually i'm just going to leave it for a while until i finish my mid-sem test and finals. Well, you see i have set something straight from the beginning of my journey here, at UPSI, which is to score the best in me. So, in order to do that i could not let myself wander around and not focus on the main task. Then, after a serious investigation and judgement i found the roots of this problem, Facebook. It is very cunning action made by the marvelous people and i hate it because i am addicted to it. However, i vowed to reduce the usage of FB, hopefully i could restore my long-lost passion about books and study. In the mean time, my love for blogging will just need to wait a little bit longer, since blogging is one of the factors of my dropping standard in my life. I will, from time to time be updating my blog from every point of view which will be a diary of my life. Until then, i hope to see you people here. Soon.

p/s- pray for my success! Thanks for following me...u rocks!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kebetulan atau Takdir?


'Hi, apa khabar orang di sana? Disini, sihat2 saja...tak ada gundah cuma gusar saja..

cait!! apeda cakap macam P. ramlee saja...nak bikin drama ka....sigh..' 

Ok2, enough with the babble, alright then today's entry is about some miracles happened to me a couple days ago. However, to make this entry a lot more interesting (according to me) i will mix it up with my mother tongue. Maka, bermula lah era bahasa rojak aku ini...hehehe.

Story nya bermula begini, tersebut la kisah~ si anak teruna~ yg terlepas jua ke arena menara gadingnya~ haha, it all began with a loud, disturbing noise (according to my room mate) in a lovely morning around 4am to 5am maybe, when all of sudden the alarm rang. Ring!!!!!.  Ambo was shock by the expected ringing alarm (yo la eden yg setkn) so in a dash movement ambo turn off the alarm so ambo can go back to sleep (lazy la bdak ni). Ambo couldn't think straight during that time, and couldn't find any legit reason why ambo set that alarm at 4am to 5am, but, ambo couldn't care less because the 'syaitan ni rajim' had been persuading ambo to continue my beauty sleep. So ,ambo went back to sleep (lemahnya iman dia ni). After a few hours, ambo woke up and realize that ambo had missed my morning prayer, it is such a regret to ambo because ambo did not just missed the morning prayer only but also the isyak. Only then, ambo realize the reason why ambo set the alarm so early in the morning. Stupid. Ambo was cursing myself for being too ignorant to realize that there are a lot of things to do rather than sleeping. Ambo also have been nicknamed with the 'skinny snorlax' because ambo likes to sleep.

The misfortune does not stop there because ambo got class at 12 noon, and ambo woke up at 9.30 in the MORNING! SHEET!. Perhaps, readers would find that the gap between those time is sufficient for ambo to get ready, but, believe ambo it is not enough. Ambo had to get everything ready, because ambo had planned the night before things that ambo need to do before going to class, because of ambo carelessness ambo had to skipped a few not-so-important task (every task is important). With no second thought ambo grabbed the toothbrush and head to the bathrooms, ambo took a short bath (which is unparalleled to ambo universe). Next, ambo skipped breakfast (b/fast mende dah nk dkt lunch 2) and ran towards the lift, ambo knows what readers think, ambo had dressed up in a flash before ambo go (gile pe ingat ambo nk pegi kelas wearing towel only?!).

Soon after, ambo reached the bus stop/stand and noticed that there were many students waiting for the next bus, SHEET! ambo thought. Nevertheless, ambo couldn't find any other alternatives but to patiently waited like the rest of the student. Waiting is suffering, ambo thought, but thank Allah, the bus came after a while, and ambo took the bus(It is a proof that Allah is the Most Merciful). It was 10.30 am. Upon arrival at the UPSI campus, ambo strolled around the shops and stalls located near the campus, with hopes that ambo will find something to eat (starve like hell kot), and after a few times ambo 'tawaf' around the shops ambo settled down with a couple of 'kuih' and headed off to the bus (klas ambo bukan kt kampus, kt PC doh...jauh tu). 

However, after passing a book store ambo noticed something shining and interesting, luring ambo to go and check it out (check3 it out). So, ambo go and check it out. It was covered with shiny cover, and written in bold, the pages was were very informative and it was ambo's favourite magazine. It was the new Solusi volume 36, without a second glance ambo took the cash out of ambo's wallet and handed it over to the cashier, ambo was so happy with the deal happened. One thing that made one of ambo eyebrow rose is the issue mentioned on the front page. Ironically, the issue is all about 'Subuh'. 

credit to Majalah Solusi/Facebook.

So, readers could you guess what ambo try to convey here. If not, think deeper. This is what ambo think Allah is trying to show me, ambo missed my morning prayer and then ambo stumbled with this magazine which is my favourite. It shown that Allah do care about me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



'We'll rock your world like never before'

Identity is something that make us unique, which represent our characteristic, persona and aura. Mine is not that bright and attractive, its more on repelling others, alone and dark. Even though, i may look joy able to most of the eyes, but, the real me is only to certain eye. So what's make you, you?

  which identity, reflects you the most?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason to my hatred in Sport.


Hey peeps, stop peeping me!! Hehe just being hilarious, what? not funny? at all? Screw you people!

Okay, currently i am obligated to do my assignment but i get writers block so i tend to update my blog. Today i am fasting (saja nk habaq kt ampa semua) yup, i'm devoted to my religion (saja nk buat alim sat) but in the mean time i would like to share a little bit about myself. A part that obviously known to my closest friends but the reason remain secret. Yes, its the reason of my hatred in sport(dia mula dah).

I have always been very bad at sport, never in my life i love it, i detest it very much to the point i would start yelling as if i was being exorcise. Okay, the story dated way back during my childhood when i was still in my primary school(lama woo). During that time i have always enjoyed playing sport but never to like it, it's something i found relaxing and stress-free. However, it all started during my P.E lesson. It was a bright, sunny day for me and my friends to enjoy our free time since, our teacher had left us without any provision. As usual we were told to choose our game for the day, and most of us decided to play football (can u guess who's the opposition?)

to be continue.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

TESL: Pride and Joy.


Hello folks, its me again; your elusive Nazri Noor aka Mr E. Okay, that's all for today hope to see you people soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living like Oprah.


"Wellesley jump into a well then bump into a bell that make his head swell like hell."

Haha, drifting apart from my main entry..FINALLY! i can access internet without any difficulties, man living life as a university student can be really stressful..i never imagine that i had to wake up early in the morning (around 4 am in case anyone was wondering) every morning, just so i can finish my assignment. This all are new to me and i don't even know how to cope with it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Lost Dream.


I used to had a dream, where life would be much simpler. Now, it shattered apart and bring my spirit down to hell. A dream that i used to awed and wooed, seems stupid and i don't even care about it anymore. My dream, whether it is a reality or just an illusion brings me happiness but at the same time eating me from the inside. I wouldn't know whether to accept the facts that its torn me apart, yet i still hang on it. Pathetic.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Question of Understanding


An article that i find very interesting. Enjoy.  

A Question of Understanding

Most Atheist arguments challenge the compatibility of an all-loving God with the perceived injustices of life. The religious identify such challenges as reflecting an arrogance of intellect -- being the assumption that we as mankind, an element of creation ourselves, know better than God how His creation should be ordered -- coupled with the failure to appreciate a larger design.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tinta Seorang Anak

At last, something that i can relate with *copy & paste from Nur Azani*

Ibu.. Ayah. 
Hari demi hari berlalu..
pelbagai mehnah dihadapi.
kadangkala .. tutur kataku mengguris hati kalian.
sesekali.. perilaku ku menaikkan api kemarahan kalian.
kerap kali juga.. jasadku menjadi mangsa.
sakit. sakitnya tidak tertaksir.
Hanya Allah yang tahu pedihnya tubuh kecil itu .
Jiwanya meronta mencari aman.
mencari dan terus mencari ketenangan.
Hati anak kecil itu runsing melihat keletah ibu dan ayah yang kerap kali bertengkar.
Anak kecil itu tidak memahami..
apakah puncanya ?
terusan anak kecil itu bermonolog..
" Adakah aku yang menjadi punca ? "

Friday, August 26, 2011

Countdown to Hari Raya!!


Hello people,

   How's life? Having great time aren't you? Hehe, well cut the crap! Whether we realize or not its only 4 days before we begin to celebrate the Hari Raya. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Ramadhan, a holy month fill with blessing from Allah SWT. Honestly, i regret the time i had wasted on doing nothing during Ramadhan, it is such a shame and loss for me because i didn't really use my time wisely to redeem and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. I hope there will be next Ramadhan for me, because Allah knows how much i need it. Since, we have only 4 days to go have you guys manage to seize the golden night? A night worth more than a thousands months? I don't know whether i get it or not, but i'm keeping my eyes open for the last 3 nights. Hopefully, Allah would accept my prayer and forgive my sins.

   Having to think about Hari Raya is very exhausting! There's a lot need to be done, cleaning the house, decorating the place, food, expenses and not to mention my preparation for the higher education!! Last week, i'd spent more than RM500+ just to get my things and we haven't buy anything for Hari Raya. Man, this really sucks. I don't know whether we could celebrate Hari Raya this year, but i need to have faith in it. Yes, i will!

   Plus, my mom have been really busy lately, with the dresses need to sew on a deadline. I don't know how she manage to put it together, but she made it. She may be an old lady to everyone but she is my wonder woman. Thank you, mom and have a great life!

  As for my life, i've been great, excellent and i eve n get RM 1000 for Hari Raya!!!. Isn't this just awesome??!!! Haha, now i get to buy my own laptop. Don't get jealous peeps cause there's lots more to come, if you know what i mean..Ka-Ching!

That's all people, go back to your life and live it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nothing to Compare.


Hello World of Blogging!

Lately, i've been through a lot of changes, changing from a boy to a man, freak to sweet, lack of sensitivity to an empathy and more i guess. I don't really know how to put this together, cause i ain't good in expressing my feeling or try to convey anything in this awkward way. However, i came across with shocking news of few of my friends that have been struggling to live and reliving the life that had shattered their spirit away.

Then, it cross my mind that my problem isn't bad as theirs but still they have guts to confront with it, whereas i chicken out and fade away.

To my eyes, my problem is nothing compare to them.

p/s: I hate cyber cafe!

Monday, August 22, 2011



Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Kerja ak dah clear, pas ni xyah nk pusing2....cuma tinggal nk shopping raya saja...hahahaha akan kukecapi segala yg ak xpernah kecapi!!

The Key to success is a good night sleep!


Hari ni nk marah skit,

Fuc* gua nk wat kerja pun payah, nk tulis blog pun macam pu** nk print out material pun mcm **bi kenapa hidup gua mcm ni? Tension la, nk masuk u pun mcm nk p oversea..........pressure!!!! Penat sekali, ada bestfriend perangai mcm Haram J la...ada kawan semua jenis cannibal la.. mmg tension la wei!  Family? yeah rasa mcm nk bunuh diri pun ada gak....kalu boleh, aku nk fly g palestin lawan dgn yahudi zionis kalu nk dibandingkn duduk rumah....ia maha tension! Terus terang, aku x larat nk bersandiwara tahap dewa ni.. kalu ak tunjuk belang ada yg makan hati..nk je ak cakap depan muka Fuck Off dude!!!! sakit jiwa la dgn manusia cmney...1st kwan then enemy, pastu a man and grow up!!Say it to my face, bukan kt blakng bontot aku, kau ckp mcmana pun bontot aku xleh nk respon! Idiot! Ok la fine lepas ni aku malas nk bersandiwara dgn mana2 manusia yg menjengkelkn, kalu aku rasa nk cepuk kepala dia, i'll do it!
Lepas ni, manusia2 sekalian if u wanna be friends with me, friends at your own risk! I don't choose my friends they choose me!

Aku Bukan Hipokrit!

Wah!! dahsyat la entry ni! Ok x kalu aku post mcm ni? Hahaha
But serious, mmg geram thp dewa!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aku tension!


  Alright, i don't really know how to put this straight... but the thing is now those boys behind me irks me so BADLY that, if i have golden fist i would beat those boys to death!!!  I have been through a lot to come here and this kind of sh*t happen to me? I'm wasting my precious hours here, i couldn't print out my document and my class schedule, yet i need it to get it done by Tuesday. What a smuck!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 minutes entry!!


Alright, entry hari ni gila2 sikit...sbb aku post pakai dwi'language'(xmasyook), haha...motif? xde motif cuma nk lepas rasa rindu yg teramat terhadap dunia blogging maklum la org 'baru' nk berjinak2 dalam dunia siber ni...nk 'kaver' balik apa yg jadi kt aku sepanjang ketiadaan aku dalam dunia blog meh aku cite skit kt korang sal berniaga di Bazaar Ramadhan ni...

Yup, u folks rite..aku dah involve dlm bab2 niaga ni...kalu org pasar cakap dah jadik orang pasar malam..haha cliche x?  Honestly, aku memang xrancang nk terjun kearena yang sememangnya bukan dalam darah aku ni...tapi nk wat camne, dah least boleh la aku kumpul duit poket utk ke U the same time i get to know more about my dearest, ss cousin aku tu...yg perasan jadik atlet kempis perut!! (SS sungguh)

Anyway, my experience so far...okaylah since ak pon xde apa2 nk wat..setakat ni apa yg ak dah belajar, nk niaga ni kena tebal muka!! Yakni, amat bertentangan dengan polisi hidup aku iaitu ' Malu x Bertempat'...haha so terpaksa aku 'fake smile'kan muka ak yg sememangnya kekwat dari kecil ni...ok setakat ni dulu la...nama pon entry 10 minit..nk wat pa panjang2 .....catch u guys later..!

Friday, August 12, 2011



What do i know about this?

Maybe, certain of you guys might find this title a little bit provocative, but hey this has been a long debated issues among the 'intelligent'. But, the thing is no one, as far as i know had really taken this matter into their account. All they debated about is 'who to be blame for this?', 'ways to overcome' and Allah knows what more they discussed. When we mentioned 'they', which particular parties are we pointing at? Is it the parents? the government? teachers? then who? Who should we blame for this? And why they should be blame for it?

I may not be the best figure to even discuss about this, but it came to my senses that i as a muslim need to be part of it, a part where i'm able to channel my thoughts and helps to those who in need. Besides, i find this topic really interesting, since it occurs to me that how a well educated person could fall to this kind of trap. Perhaps, i could take a little lesson from it, knowledge for me to prevent myself from being trick.

This is a serious issue, but if we Muslim take this thing lightly then i am afraid there will be no future for us...

Don't let them win!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogging is Fun!!


Hi guys, what IS up with you people!! Having a fine Ramadhan? Hopefully we're bless with HIS blessing insyaAllah. Okay, tonight i would like to express my gratitude to Allah S.W.T for giving me chances to living my life and also showing the right path for me and giving me strength to endure obstacles and test that destined for me. Alhamdulillah. Now i feel blessed having born as a muslim and living a proper life as a true muslim.

I admit for the last 19th years of my life, i've been struggling myself with tonnes of problems, with

Kapan Bisa Aku Berubah?


Ha, entri kali ni berbeda dikit ya, mau ngomong bahasa indonesia. Ngak tau sama ada betul atau tidak, pakei bantai aja kok kayak indonesia...ngak usah khawatir, kita2 mau happy aja disini...Ok, ngomong2nya begini, aku ini udah lama kepingin berbicara dalam bahasa indonesia karena aku dapati bahasanya enak bangat dong (kok kayak bicara ttng makanan sik?) ya iya la..tutur katanya unik sekali. Kalu dibandingkan sama Bahasa Malaysia emang berbeda yang amat dong(kok kayak jowo sik?) Tetapi ngak aku lupa sik sama bahasa ibunda gue, cuma kepingin itu aja, ngak salahkn kalu mau belajar lebih daripada satu bahasa...Mana ngak nya udah cita2 tidak rasmi gue kepingin jadi speaker (org yg bisa berbicara menggunakan pelbagai bahasa). Gue pikirin mau pelajari bahasa Perancis selepas ini, ya...tpi ngak tau sik gimana caranya, bikin pusing ah!!

Ok2, enough dengan ngomongan gue yg ngak bawa apa2 manfaat, In case you guys wondering, aku ini punya habit yg buruk, jelik sekali dan habit ini sukar bagi ku untuk merubahnya...udah lama aku pendam dan cuba untuk berubah...tetapi tetap sama aja hasilnya. Susah de. Aku lagi buntu pikirin tentang solusinya ttpi ngak berhasil. Bikin repot aja, habit aku ini amat sukar difahami. aku jugak ngak mau ngejelasin perkara2 yg rumit seperti itu dong, pusing tau!!! Mana tidak nya udah sebati dalam diri ini, aduh...kepingin bangat hendak berubah tapi ngak kuat!~~

Bantuin gue dong!!


Bisa bantuin ngak??

Monday, August 1, 2011

The thing called LOVE?


Howdy y'all, hope y'all in good shape...yeesh~ it's been ages i guess since my last post..yeah, been quite busy lately. I can't remember my last trip to Cyber Cafe to update my statuses and replying comments and reading manga (Naruto*)-ok that's a lie-.- .Anyway, to wrap it all up, my last couple of weeks wasn't really bad, surprisingly it was full with what would i define as 'SURPRISES'.

Surprises? Hmm, what kind of surprises that can surprise me? Let me surprise y'all with this statement. I'm ENGAGED!!!(surprise x?) Funny how times fly just like crushing some thick skull, okay that is also a lie, i'm not engage yet...LOL i don't even have a soul-mate YET! Soon~ -enough with the craps-

Okay, here's the real deal, i've been busy with my entrance to University. Yup, that's right folks i've been accepted to a uniquely but surprisingly University at Perak. What a coincidence! My friends got it too and we will going to spend our four (4) years there, brushing up our skills, meeting new people, getting hook there~not a chance-..-" and becoming the greatest Educators man has ever known.

It's the Calling, got to go...Love Y'all and Happy Ramadan! Mmuacks!!

2 be continue.. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laylatul Qada

In each of the daily prayer we offer, we solemnly declare to Allâh, “Iyyaka na’budu” (You alone do we worship). While the intelligent and committed believer realizes that his very lifestyle spells worship, he knows, remembering the words of our Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam that “Du’aa’ (supplication) is worship” [Tirmidhi, Abu Dawûd] Allâh, the Most Merciful, has encouraged the believers to take advantage of certain times during the year to make du’aa’. Such an occasion presents itself annually during Ramadhân — especially on the Lailatul Qadr, the Night of Power.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life Threathen U in many ways!!

It's seems so silly to see how today's people fight just to gain or regain power, to me it seem reckless, seriously i don't find any benefits that anyone could harvest from this 'action'. Seeing how it is affecting us in so many ways, i still rubbing my head just to find a good reason why this 'illegal demonstration' could attract so many people. Do they have been paid to join this demonstration? Or, there is another agenda lies beneath all this havoc. Wallahu'alam, i couldn't discuss more about this, because obviously i'm not suit to discuss about politic issues cause i'm a KID...uhhh~. Yea right, get real!

Okay, enough with stupid introduction, to relate my opening with my point for tonight, our life can be

Something Never Change

I've been biting my lips for all this, having blistered all over my heart. Aching. Hurting. Waiting for one moment that can resurrect me from this nightmare. I haven't found it yet, the peace i have been looking for. A time where someone will going to tell me, that everything is okay. But, still there's nobody, man enough to come and say it out loud. All they could do is just talk behind their hands. Pathetic.

Listening to 'Mona Lisa' by whoever sang it, i am totally pissed by my action and my experiences, remembering what i've done. Traveling back down to the memory lane isn't pleasant, reliving each memories with such an awe. Disgusting. I wish i could go back through time and set things straight again, avoid every encountered that bring nothing but disappointment. What's the point, what's done is done. I can't change everything in the past, but i can certainly shape what's coming. I had enough with memory lane now, thinking of it makes me sick, i might vomit them out, but i can't cause it is part of me now, i might as well deal with it.

Present, it feels like nothing, but now things move so fast, its like living in the fast lane, Kimora i guess.

Today, i remain the same person as i always be. No more, no less just being myself, Nazri Noor.   

Future, i am building my foundation today for tomorrow success.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Am I Forgiven?

Sorry guys!!! Today's entry is all about FORGIVENESS.

First and foremost, i would to apologize to ALL my friends regardless age or how long we have known each other. I am sorry, if any of my behavior irks you guys in anyway that it can hurt you mentally, emotionally and physically. I haven't really know how to portray my attitude in a decent and modest way, since my social encounter is  just a tea spoon amount. And for that, i know for sometimes i am capable of hurting my friends. My lack of emphatic has been acknowledged by several of my friends, who now had clarify themselves as 'ex-friends'. It's okay, even though, its a big lost for me i still haven't put out my faith towards them and still believe that this is just a temporary ERROR only. Perhaps it is a test for me from ALLAH, a way or ways to show me the true meaning of becoming a true Muslim!.

So, dear friends,

From the bottom of my deepest heart, i held my hand together and ask for mercy, to be forgiven by my ERRORS from time to time whether it is PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE. My action is follow by my deeply remorse of what i've done. I just hope to be able to purify my soul before the calling.

Also i would like to apologize for my uninteresting blogging page and entries, since i don't really have what it takes to be a great blogger!! LOL

Finally, i leave you guys with a bit of what i enjoy, for you to seek wisdom behind it.

Does the eagle want to swim in the sea,
Restricted by the sky?
Does the fish want to dance on the wind,
Not enough river to explore?
Yet the sky is freedom for the bird
but death for the fish,
The sea is wide for the fish
but will engulf the bird.

We ask for freedom but freedom to do what?
We can only express our nature as it was created.
The prayer mat of the earth is freedom,
freedom from slavery to other than the One,
Who offers an shore less ocean of love to swim in
and a horizon that extends to the next life,
Yet we chose the prison and call it freedom.

Maap Zahir n Batin!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catchin' Up!!


Hello there, my name is NANO (OMG tertukar)...opss, sorry typo! here we go...again, Well, hello there folks, hope you are fine and healthy and happy and errr, (what else huh? faster2)...arghh, forget about greetings!! Let's get to the point...Assalamualykum, sihat? nak berkenalan boleh? (oy, what dialogue is this?), opss, i'm sorry, gone crack today...keep misinterpreting everything...(tell me about it). Ok, cutting the crap now!. 

Friends!! Its have been gone quite a while since my last post here, to be honest, i grew tired of BLOGGING and decided that it is my time to STOP and STARE for a mm, who i'm kidding with..STOP BLOGGING? not in this era. No, no..the thing is i haven't quite figure out how to schedule my time for blogging, since i don't have any electronic device at home, that can let me surf the internet (i'm wasting money on bbnd, n i don use it) so for the time being, just online twice a week and 5 minutes of walking and having risk being smuggle, rape and even worst THE ENCOUNTER!!. Pity, NANO isk, never mind, Ok..i'll survive insyaAllah.

Right, after my 'retirement' from blogging, i reach my senses that i just can't stop doing things i love...BLOGGING is what i craze for -o-" its the only thing that can let me say what the little voice is saying (go to the light~~) creepy!!. Plus, i want to keep entertain myself in this blogging and vlogging world, get the latest updates, keep in touch with friends and making new friends~, and through blogging and others social network I'll  be able to do those things with a click of my finger (achece, like ads plak).

Yaya, save it for the press (xD), Ok as for today's life, hm mm, i'm having some sort of deficiency in hearing and understanding orders and these symptoms are getting vivid each day. I suffered eyes sight-ness, mental disturbance( due to excessive JOKES) , body aching, and others undefined symptoms. I'm getting this feeling of growing old, sigh, its July now and time is ticking faster, i haven't really improve myself and as well as my HORRENDOUS handwriting!! Aiyo, i still have lot to say but the time running to fast...and ran out of cash( yea, in cc -..-").

To wrap it up, i leave you guys with this image, for you to think beneath my intention!!!

yea! i'm Naruto-freaks!
Yes, that's me! say no more, want autograph? 10 dollars each...hehe, i still have a lot of catchin' up to do so hope you guys enjoy my so-not-mature-entry, for now.

This is NANO, signing out!!

p/s; NANO is a short form of my name as if Nazri Noor.(in case you're wondering)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time for Allah.


Today i'm thinking of reciting a poem, so enjoy,


A time to cheer, a time to cry
A time to live, a time to die
A time to sleep, a time to wake
A time for real, a time for fake,
A time for truth, a time to lie
A time to laugh, a time to sigh
A time to stand, a time to fall
A time for one, a time for all,
A time for love, a time for hate
A time to run, a time to wait
A time to stay, a time to flee
A time for you, a time for me.
A time from us to HIM.

Whatever time you may experience, there's always time for you and The Creator. 


Friday, June 10, 2011


Slow day, today...too slow, but in the end it felt like the world moving so FAST. I still can recall the last time i sit for my STPM examination, it feels like yesterday, my friends and I were preparing for our final paper, usuluddin. The question wasn't that difficult, to be honest, it was quite, what would i define as 'kacang punye', however, during that moment it felt like sitting for the super A-level test (Stpm is A-level too?). I don't know what's got into me, i sort of gave up answering usuluddin paper 2, maybe because i have no intention in pursuing my studies in Stpm level (that's not the point). But, i went for it, i seized the chance even though i had a better opportunity lies ahead.  (yea, looks who's talking)

Until now, i still haven't figure out who or what exactly i wanted to be?(been asking this question a lot) I could always take the high road and be with my friends in Polytech, but, knowing myself as a person who always do what others don't (ceh2, nk kata dia unik la 2), i decided to take the road less traveled. It is much more easier and simpler for me (complex thoughts= difficulties), but, now like all others pre-mature teenagers(adolescence la), i feels like i'm making a huge mistake; i don't know where to begin but it's like having another living creature inside me and its doing all the bargain.( hehehe -..-")

Like i said earlier, i haven't quite figure out what i wanted to be when i grow up(-..-") so the path taken was SPONTANEOUS action, when people ask me what would wanted to be 5 years after; there would usually be two possible answers: 1. If i graduate with excellent grades, i wanted to pursue my education in Law., 2. If i graduate with 'cukup makan' grades, i'll just go with the flow. Well, since my grades is quite better than 'cukup makan' i decided to go with the second option: go with the flow. So, after a while, here i am waiting for any offer from any Higher Institution regardless public or private (hopefully public, couldn't afford private), to come and soar into my open wide arms.

There's always a moment, where i came to a thought that i will never get out from my shell, that i always, no matter how hard i try, NEVER get out from my dark times. I gave shuddered just by thinking it. Nevertheless, having that thought kind of strengthening me up, mentally and physically, it is what makes us mature, right?. 

Speaking about difficult times, what suppose to be just a slow day turn out to be a slow and PAINFUL day to me! Thanks to my 'BOSS' for sending two of IKA's best man away to IKA Padang Serai, i end up unloading the lorry ALONE! It takes about less than an hour for me to unloaded the lorry, and another half and hour to shift all the items to the second floor!! Phew, it was what would i say a very painful day for me, but, again here i am still alive aren't i? xD. Well that is another story for another day, as for now i think i better stop babbling more about today's life, enough with the details -..-"

My consensus is that(almost there), life is like a baby trying to walk for the first time, despite falling on his knee many times, he would try again and again until he manage walk the walk. So, folks baby steps in doing anything, glory isn't everything its the satisfaction that's count!
Ooh! one more thing did i mention that i'm trying for TESL? I did right, so, please pray for my best!! Thanks XD.

Until then, I'm Nazri Noor, signing out!

**ok i might be exaggerating a little, (ok, a lot), but still it feels that way (to me) o.O"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bout my Blog!

This a little bit about my modest blog, honestly, there's nothing special about it...but to me it brings greatest pleasure in sharing my opinion and thoughts with friends and followers. Even though, i'm still new at this, i don't take things lightly. My aim in blogging, first is to money blogging xD: well i do want to earn money just by blogging, to do that i need to keep it up my pace with today's era. I am looking forward to represent certain companies, regardless what agenda they might have plotted, to be able marketing their products as well as myself. In my cases, blogging is the only way that i find sufficient enough for me to promote my products (okay, its my uncle's, i'm just the sales guy). Through blogging, it would be much more easier , since i don't have to waste my hour talking people into purchasing my products (fine, my uncle's) and through it i would be able to tackle some friends (more or less) to be my friends, -..-". 

Enough said, back to the point, my blog is about my passion towards life and how i see the world through my little eyes (perspective). It's also about my gruesome life and how i live to endure it without it affecting my mental and emotion condition. Through this blog i hope to learn how to express myself more effectively as well as improving my skills in everything the world demands now!. To date, i have learn so many thing and yet there tonnes of things that are waiting to be discover. 

Until then, this is Nazri Noor, signing out! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Living a Static Life!

As usual, i live my routine life, working-bed-eat-working, and the cycle's continues...once a while i'm having difficulties, with my parents and family, but this is kind of things that grows me up in becoming a man... i should not complain instead cherish it. Like my teacher said 'Tidak beriman seseorang itu sehingga diuji oleh Allah'
Kira beriman juga la aku ini.

That's all folks, this is Nazri Noor, signing out!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Whoa, hello people how cha doin? Nothing much i wanted to share in today's entry, it just that after reviewing my last entry, i find that i'm not really a good blogger (haha XD) i can't even understand my last it because i was thinking too fast until i forgot to include certain important details? Or just being noob? Nevertheless, my purpose in blogging is just to improve my English and as well as my typing skill, soft skill, communication skill and sort of others skill too...  In the end, I hope i could perform well in my next entry, it just that i don't really inspired with the way my life is..need a little bit of entertainment, spice and fun..I guess this kind of thing needs to wait for awhile, i am still learning.. hopefully i'll get into UM sooner and meet new people and doing new things...a few months from now..insyaAllah i will succeed. 

Till that moment, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


 hey y'all, what's up hope you're doing fine... well today's entry is just me babbling about the interview i just had. 
Nothing much happened, not a catastrophe of course my interview was fine,
i did manage to impress them with my 'cuteness', haha (with my pink,purple,cream,and gray stripy tie)
my interview went well, the q's wasn't that difficult... 
they mainly focused in my personal info and others,
also they did questioned me about the current issues...
PPSMI, and to justify it...
a big thanks to my new friends(which i don't even know her name) 
for briefing me about the PPSMI thingie...
Honestly, i know nothing about that issue, and to justify it i find it very difficult...
because i know nothing about it LOL...-_-"
Nevertheless, based on my knowledge in my STPM year and my SPM year i manage
to come out with brilliant point (i think??)
Ok, let's not babbling about that either haha, in the end after several q's answered (+oo+)
i was asked to recite the RUKUN NEGARA loudly,
LOUDLY??? yorrr, isn't my voice loud enough?
Well, it's a tough call, i always had problems with two major things in my life,
My handwriting and my so softy voice!!
Haizzz, when will the man hormones going to develop in me, i had to admit i do have my feminine side 
(which i had no intention in it, its natural cause, don't judge me)
Thus, i had to use my 'tummy voice' (felt like having a c\vocal class) haha
Alhamdulillah, i did it and they were pleased with me...
they even said that i have a big opportunity to take this course, because of my gender...
( hmmm, that can be an interesting topic to discuss) 
Anyway, my consensus is that, i did it, i manage to overcome my fear of interviewers??
Nothing to worry more, just a please upcoming months for me...
This is it, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!!m

Friday, May 27, 2011

Life SERR!!

With one more day for me to actually prepare for my interview, i let it pass just like that, as if it was something you can retrieved it. I'm starting to feel wary about it, like i'm making a wrong decision by choosing this path. At least, that's what it felt like, but not what i have thought! Beside, I am choosing the road less traveled? Or it just the road that everyone wants me to follow? Well, you can't just demand on things that you begging for, it just so sad to be living the way i does. Where's the adventure, the passion in life, the drama and all sort of things that i have trouble describing it? It's like i'm living in unparalleled world, different from others; am i an alien who'd been sent to earth and destined to perish those who live? Huh, at least that's an adventure, even though i would likely to prefer something less violent, just merely expressing myself.

B-O-R-I-N-G!!! :(!!

At least he had a wilder life than me, LOL =..="

Enough with the boring part, that just me letting all the boredom out from this delicate, complex mind, phew, that's a relieve. Now i can post things that i've been longing to say; 
     First and foremost, I hate those who smoke, addicted to drugs, having issue(s) with me, mood-swing with no reason, fucking uncensored faggot, hating people cause they tonnes better than you, love to slandering innocent soul, a hypocrite (hypp), bully, those who abuse their position and all sort of people who like to make others feel bad about themselves. Those mention above are nothing but cowards, they have nothing, nothing that will excel them in life. These kind of people are likely to abuse their partner and those surrounding them, in order to feel superior and well known. While, the fact is that they won't live without us, because we are their source of power. For instance, from my experience, dated back in my school year i had always been humiliated, but not entirely, in front of my peers by my own cousin (which i would refer as RETARD). To increase his popularity among his, so call friends, he started picking me up when i started my second year in that school (commonly known as School Of Nuttys ,SON). RETARD thought that by calling me names would surely gain my attention to his existence (now why did he do that?), perhaps because of my reputation in SON? i had always been the apple of my teachers eye. Even my peers start to neglected me, especially the boys (boohoo!! who cares). His action only led him to his own trap, where he got his own medicine. It happened after the school routine, when he called me names and crossed the line and things turn ugly, in which i have nothing to do with. RETARD got canned in front of the whole school (serve him right) for shouting during the routine. I felt pity for him, because to great mind being canned in front of public would surely be something to feel ashamed about. As for him, well let say he enjoyed it and that's when i realize that he's just a real RETARD.

      i think i'll stopped here, my eyes tired and not having a laptop is suck.
p/s i'll be having a TESL interview this SATURDAY so wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Takkan Pernah Berakhir!!

You may seem to notice how certain people react differently towards their problems. Some end up meddling with something they shouldn't meddle with, others choose a different path, a short-cut, a way that not only lead them to doom, but also capable in destroying their life and loves one. I've seen how these people repeatedly abusing their own life, how sad to me to see that those people are related to me! It is such a shame and hurtful to see my OWN flesh and blood clawing on each other! Can't there be peace among us? Why it is so hard to have tolerance between us? Be more understanding on others problems, why should there be lies involve in such decent life?

Have not ISLAM taught us anything? Does the story about our dearest Prophet Muhammad SAW and HIS JIHAD taught us nothing? How HE struggle himself just so he can see his 'ummat' live in harmony and on the right path? ALLAH SWT path? It will never end, does it... We are muslim and we should stick together, help each other and not slandering about it! Wake up my BROTHERS and SISTERS, it is time for us to live as one.

Let there be peace among us, and seek for forgiveness. What a shame to see such brilliant mind wasted away.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What 2 share?

     What to do with my next entry? Yeah, as if i like a huge, massive all glitter up blogger like Hanis Zulaikha to come up with such a brilliant entry! Well, maybe not now... baby steps E, beside, you are still learning, who knows years from now you're gonna end up successful just like your predecessor. Yup, i'm going to work my bottoms up for this one...i am just a blooming blossom or a cub? 

owh!! look how cute i am....<3 purrr~~

Plain Happy and Grateful

         I felt so silly today, this morning i woke up with one thought...does today going to be better than yesterday? And i'm right, it does. Despite, being bullied by my pre-matured boss, whom i like to call Goon Khoo...i felt calm and at if nothings ever bothers me...<3


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nearly there~~

    Gosh, its been ages since i last updated my blog (do i?), haha, after so long i've been meditating and focusing on my social life (which is unparalleled to my universe), something took me off guard, the MedsI test, the TESL interview and my lack of preparation for the it's killing me inside just by thinking it!! I don't have slightest idea about any of it, but thanks to the fellow TESL-ians to be, i think i'll survive. 
     However, that is not the reason why i blog this, it just that i need more information about lot of things. For instance, i would like to know what kind of reading material that suits a TESL-ian, a reading that would buckle me up to face the WORLD..and does taking TESL foundation means that when i finish my degree, i would end up teaching? Do i have the quality of a good teacher? Does my knowledge in English sufficient enough for the course i'm taking? Gosh, i hope there's someone would answer me...well that would something since i have zero followers haha..

        Nevertheless, i had took an oath to reliving my life once more, since i last departed and resurrect back with more passion towards my life.. i promise myself to excel in everything i do and i would never let any kind of disturbance knock me away from my path..that's all folks hope i will get some constructive comment, i really do!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a day!

Dang it , i hate the facts that i have to wait for 2 hours just to get my payment and yet i still haven't receive it..what a day, i really need to use that cash...that damn BA*TARD keeps putting it off the hook, always with his lame excuses..what kind of business that he runs if it did not gain any profits at all?? A small cafe would surely gain a lot of profits...i'm really tired, tired being push around, tired being enslave like this i can take it anymore ..what a teen like me do to prevent this happen again?

-i'm not their puppet-

moral: does a person needs to be an  asshole just so he can get justice?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decent doesn't make you Good!!

Does it always bother you when things didn't work out as you wanted? Well i am. Okay, this isn't what i wanted to post actually,as you can see up there it tells you does being decent makes us good? well i don't believe this kind of shit...if a decent guy suppose to be nice to everyone even though people are giving them shit out of their own life, they will never survive. We need to realize that not every person we meet have the same mentality like us, they likely perhaps are dumber, evil, charming, blood-sucking tramp or even worse those who fake to be your friend but end up manipulating you for their own benefits...that's the real danger of all. I once experience it and it was really bad and to date i just pray that they will get what they deserve (i couldn't pray for the worst). Back to point, this is the scenario that always happen if you keep being nice to people even though they don't deserve it...well believe me when i say they do not earn our sympathy, let the poor live and the blood-sucking tramp, gigolo, slut just die..they should not be given a second chance. I may look decent but don't take it as a ticket to cross my path!!

-what the heck the world ain't fair to us, goodies don't survive-

moral of the story: be really aggressive in order to survive. o_O" 

Be like him!! hehe =..="