Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Whoa, hello people how cha doin? Nothing much i wanted to share in today's entry, it just that after reviewing my last entry, i find that i'm not really a good blogger (haha XD) i can't even understand my last entry...is it because i was thinking too fast until i forgot to include certain important details? Or just being noob? Nevertheless, my purpose in blogging is just to improve my English and as well as my typing skill, soft skill, communication skill and sort of others skill too...  In the end, I hope i could perform well in my next entry, it just that i don't really inspired with the way my life is..need a little bit of entertainment, spice and fun..I guess this kind of thing needs to wait for awhile, i am still learning.. hopefully i'll get into UM sooner and meet new people and doing new things...a few months from now..insyaAllah i will succeed. 

Till that moment, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!

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