Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Whoa, hello people how cha doin? Nothing much i wanted to share in today's entry, it just that after reviewing my last entry, i find that i'm not really a good blogger (haha XD) i can't even understand my last entry...is it because i was thinking too fast until i forgot to include certain important details? Or just being noob? Nevertheless, my purpose in blogging is just to improve my English and as well as my typing skill, soft skill, communication skill and sort of others skill too...  In the end, I hope i could perform well in my next entry, it just that i don't really inspired with the way my life is..need a little bit of entertainment, spice and fun..I guess this kind of thing needs to wait for awhile, i am still learning.. hopefully i'll get into UM sooner and meet new people and doing new things...a few months from now..insyaAllah i will succeed. 

Till that moment, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


 hey y'all, what's up hope you're doing fine... well today's entry is just me babbling about the interview i just had. 
Nothing much happened, not a catastrophe of course my interview was fine,
i did manage to impress them with my 'cuteness', haha (with my pink,purple,cream,and gray stripy tie)
my interview went well, the q's wasn't that difficult... 
they mainly focused in my personal info and others,
also they did questioned me about the current issues...
PPSMI, and to justify it...
a big thanks to my new friends(which i don't even know her name) 
for briefing me about the PPSMI thingie...
Honestly, i know nothing about that issue, and to justify it i find it very difficult...
because i know nothing about it LOL...-_-"
Nevertheless, based on my knowledge in my STPM year and my SPM year i manage
to come out with brilliant point (i think??)
Ok, let's not babbling about that either haha, in the end after several q's answered (+oo+)
i was asked to recite the RUKUN NEGARA loudly,
LOUDLY??? yorrr, isn't my voice loud enough?
Well, it's a tough call, i always had problems with two major things in my life,
My handwriting and my so softy voice!!
Haizzz, when will the man hormones going to develop in me, i had to admit i do have my feminine side 
(which i had no intention in it, its natural cause, don't judge me)
Thus, i had to use my 'tummy voice' (felt like having a c\vocal class) haha
Alhamdulillah, i did it and they were pleased with me...
they even said that i have a big opportunity to take this course, because of my gender...
( hmmm, that can be an interesting topic to discuss) 
Anyway, my consensus is that, i did it, i manage to overcome my fear of interviewers??
Nothing to worry more, just a please upcoming months for me...
This is it, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!!m

Friday, May 27, 2011

Life SERR!!

With one more day for me to actually prepare for my interview, i let it pass just like that, as if it was something you can retrieved it. I'm starting to feel wary about it, like i'm making a wrong decision by choosing this path. At least, that's what it felt like, but not what i have thought! Beside, I am choosing the road less traveled? Or it just the road that everyone wants me to follow? Well, you can't just demand on things that you begging for, it just so sad to be living the way i does. Where's the adventure, the passion in life, the drama and all sort of things that i have trouble describing it? It's like i'm living in unparalleled world, different from others; am i an alien who'd been sent to earth and destined to perish those who live? Huh, at least that's an adventure, even though i would likely to prefer something less violent, just merely expressing myself.

B-O-R-I-N-G!!! :(!!

At least he had a wilder life than me, LOL =..="

Enough with the boring part, that just me letting all the boredom out from this delicate, complex mind, phew, that's a relieve. Now i can post things that i've been longing to say; 
     First and foremost, I hate those who smoke, addicted to drugs, having issue(s) with me, mood-swing with no reason, fucking uncensored faggot, hating people cause they tonnes better than you, love to slandering innocent soul, a hypocrite (hypp), bully, those who abuse their position and all sort of people who like to make others feel bad about themselves. Those mention above are nothing but cowards, they have nothing, nothing that will excel them in life. These kind of people are likely to abuse their partner and those surrounding them, in order to feel superior and well known. While, the fact is that they won't live without us, because we are their source of power. For instance, from my experience, dated back in my school year i had always been humiliated, but not entirely, in front of my peers by my own cousin (which i would refer as RETARD). To increase his popularity among his, so call friends, he started picking me up when i started my second year in that school (commonly known as School Of Nuttys ,SON). RETARD thought that by calling me names would surely gain my attention to his existence (now why did he do that?), perhaps because of my reputation in SON? i had always been the apple of my teachers eye. Even my peers start to neglected me, especially the boys (boohoo!! who cares). His action only led him to his own trap, where he got his own medicine. It happened after the school routine, when he called me names and crossed the line and things turn ugly, in which i have nothing to do with. RETARD got canned in front of the whole school (serve him right) for shouting during the routine. I felt pity for him, because to great mind being canned in front of public would surely be something to feel ashamed about. As for him, well let say he enjoyed it and that's when i realize that he's just a real RETARD.

      i think i'll stopped here, my eyes tired and not having a laptop is suck.
p/s i'll be having a TESL interview this SATURDAY so wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Takkan Pernah Berakhir!!

You may seem to notice how certain people react differently towards their problems. Some end up meddling with something they shouldn't meddle with, others choose a different path, a short-cut, a way that not only lead them to doom, but also capable in destroying their life and loves one. I've seen how these people repeatedly abusing their own life, how sad to me to see that those people are related to me! It is such a shame and hurtful to see my OWN flesh and blood clawing on each other! Can't there be peace among us? Why it is so hard to have tolerance between us? Be more understanding on others problems, why should there be lies involve in such decent life?

Have not ISLAM taught us anything? Does the story about our dearest Prophet Muhammad SAW and HIS JIHAD taught us nothing? How HE struggle himself just so he can see his 'ummat' live in harmony and on the right path? ALLAH SWT path? It will never end, does it... We are muslim and we should stick together, help each other and not slandering about it! Wake up my BROTHERS and SISTERS, it is time for us to live as one.

Let there be peace among us, and seek for forgiveness. What a shame to see such brilliant mind wasted away.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What 2 share?

     What to do with my next entry? Yeah, as if i like a huge, massive all glitter up blogger like Hanis Zulaikha to come up with such a brilliant entry! Well, maybe not now... baby steps E, beside, you are still learning, who knows years from now you're gonna end up successful just like your predecessor. Yup, i'm going to work my bottoms up for this one...i am just a blooming blossom or a cub? 

owh!! look how cute i am....<3 purrr~~

Plain Happy and Grateful

         I felt so silly today, this morning i woke up with one thought...does today going to be better than yesterday? And i'm right, it does. Despite, being bullied by my pre-matured boss, whom i like to call Goon Khoo...i felt calm and at ease...as if nothings ever bothers me...<3