Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crawling myself for AIR...!!


"Getting hook up! With Fb"

Just another update!! Quarter done with my portfolio, having sleepless night for the past 2 nights now..tired but its worth it..getting ready for Raya Haji!!! Yea.. i want to go home, miss PENANG that much, envy those who get to leave during Diwali..huhu..nvrtheless, hope to see my friends soon..yak yak yashi!!
its been a week i stuck in my room, with minimal human, anyway hope to succeed in this coming test lol XD, Gtg Cheekas..

p/s: hv u guys ever wonder who's the puppeteer?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy. =)


"Pets make me wanna cry, coz they're so cute!! People make me sad, coz they're so cruel"

Hey guys, what is up?! I don't know why, but now i'm experiencing an overwhelming happiness. Just talked with parents and miss them a lot, feels like crying but what the heck! Well, these couple days had been really fun, with  rexco duties and meeting, pc fair, assignment, meeting deadline. Yup, it's a hell of fun. I know perhaps this might not sounded fun to you guys, but hey i'm just being OPTIMIST. Besides, we need to embrace life as much as we can so we'll not be left out. Or missing those moments of a lifetime, something like that. =)

share your happiness with a friend.

Sunday, October 23, 2011



"Meon chute!! Feels like having a pet, miss my twins (not hock square ok)"

Friday, October 21, 2011

okay, i just received this from my friend telling that this 'ayat' is fake, it was actually made by people who try to destroy the muslim faith. Word of advice, if you don't know what 'ayat' you've seen don't just randomly pick and hang it in your house, that is so ignorant and damn stupid. This as mention in a group wall photos. Do spread the message, i'm just doing my part.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Life, Again?


"Having issues doesn't mean it's the end of the world, but it's the end of my world"

These couples days had been kind a slump, with tests going and everything seems to go all over places, i don't know what to think anymore. I had a meltdown just now, after the grammar test, i thought i was prepared with all the revision and stuff, but in the end the test proves me was hard and i can hardly answer it. Yeah, i do well in class with all the explanation given by me, but when you are alone you don't really know what you are doing. It's a total sucks. I don't know the outcome but i just need to buckle up for the worst though. Hopefully it would suffice.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



"The only person who can change your thoughts is YOU"
It will always be purple,

I lied to someone i love and told them, i'm fine. I cheated myself for being who i am now. I hate being invisible, but that's the thing i adore.

Between Love and Lies!


"The only person who can change your thoughts is YOU"

I lied to someone i love and told them, i'm fine. I cheated myself for being who i am now. I hate being invisible n

Rough Time.


"it's raining, oh guess Lady Gaga needs to find another date then"

Gloomy Sunday. I'm doing my finishing touch for my BIK 3013 class, but still it looks like nothing changes. Still with 1 slide and no others; dumb, slow, loser, lazy, daydreamer, mothafuc** those are the right words to define me in these last few days. Why is it so hard to complete an assignment? even if the due date is 4 weeks after, i still need to complete it.

Friday, October 14, 2011



"Celebrating Diwali anyone? Don't forget my 'murruku'"

Test is just around the corner and i don't know whether i'm mentally prepare for it, it seems so hard to be having a lot of these things going's not like STPM anymore, the duration is shorter. Here, few weeks later, BOOM! you'll have a test coming next week. Cruelty or just being lazy? I left the answer to you guys to ponder. Today had been fun, but if it wasn't for that lousy presentation on Linguistic it would be even better, who knows that the presentation carry marks? I did my very worse on it and now humiliation, desperation of getting high marks overwhelmed me. Lame excuses. I wish that i could rewind the time so i can give my very best, haha it seems too good to be true, but these things doesn't go that way, its reversible.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intimidate. Best word for now.


"Hello u lazy ppl who dont know when to giv up. 'OMG he's talking bout Fran Drescher'."

'Again, i'm suppose to have completed my ASSignment long ago, but WTFing is wrong with me? I cant really focus these days, keeps on dwelling in dreams, delaying my works, playing with fb and take shower for an hour (yes, roughly an hour, on weekdays).  My mind doesnt work like it used to, is it because i have to much freedom here? man i dont know how to discipline myself, it preposterous to think that i could cope with uni life, really silly. Why do i even convinced myself to further my study? Oh yeah, i didnt it's the other me(ridicule)....i dont want to be obligated by this matter, it rather tiring...skinny snorlax, y did u applied for rexco?? And why they elected me? <--bigger question, lol...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why it has to be like this?


"Talk about love and marriage. Rubbish."

Saturday suppose to be a fun day to me, but, why it has to be the opposite??!! I've been wasting my precious hour waiting for the bus to come, facebooking (mine to blame), again waiting for the bus to come!!  I look like a loser, sitting there begging for the bus to come yet none approach. In the end i had to take a cab to reach here. Wasting my ringgit. Piss off with the system here, plus there are some people who can't even take joke, even more hideous, stupideous and incredibly irksome!!!! Feel like slapping them 100 times. Yet i couldn't do that, since i am so lovely and cute =D...(puke)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Do I stand?


'Wind blew my assignment away, but, with the help of my friends (Rosli Dhoby) i got it back, thanks you guys'

Here, in KHAR where do i really stand? is there any clique that suits me the best?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Course TESL eh? Wah, hebatla kau ni..."


'I missed my morning prayer AGAIN. SHEET!!!'

That was the third time this i need to discipline myself, i'm such a skinny snorlax who loves to sleep (bad skinny snorlax). Okay, it has been approximately three weeks i have been living here (for those who were dumbfounded by this statement, i  had been accepted into UPSI as a DEGREE student in TESL) <----riaknya statement ni!!.