Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why it has to be like this?


"Talk about love and marriage. Rubbish."

Saturday suppose to be a fun day to me, but, why it has to be the opposite??!! I've been wasting my precious hour waiting for the bus to come, facebooking (mine to blame), again waiting for the bus to come!!  I look like a loser, sitting there begging for the bus to come yet none approach. In the end i had to take a cab to reach here. Wasting my ringgit. Piss off with the system here, plus there are some people who can't even take joke, even more hideous, stupideous and incredibly irksome!!!! Feel like slapping them 100 times. Yet i couldn't do that, since i am so lovely and cute =D...(puke)

 Well, honestly, today is not that bad i'm just exaggerating's just okay. The problem is ME! plan didn't work it actually back fired me, i planned this evening (with a friend, of course) to celebrate a friend birthday, twins to be exact. However, like always everything that you planned won't always go as you wanted it to be. I know this thing would come up, so i came up (redundancy?) with plan B, which was doing my assignment =S..but it still didn't go according to my plan.

My morning, was HIDEOUS! I woke up at 9 (yes! i missed my morning prayer, go and hentam me) planning to go to the library at 8, which is contrary to my original plan (obviously) and forgotten that i haven't done my laundry yet....(waaa!!!) Major Laundry Problem!!!! I have tones of clothes need to be wash and no time to do i steal my assignment hour to do my laundry and it happened to be the worst laundry experience i had ever encountered.

Why is that? Well, first of all, i don't have any coins to use the washing machine, and because of it is 'early' there is no shop open at that hour and i had to walk (tawaf) the whole KHAR begging for change. Seriously, i asked the senior if they have change of rm2, none willing to spare one (kedekut taik hidung masin la), but, thank god i found at least one senior who are willing to do that, but she didn't asked for change, instead she just gave me the coins...i was so happy at first, but it turn out to be only 50 cent!!

Thus, my expedition finding coins was 11.30 am and still those lame shop didn't open yet..(baloq liat la depa ni). Then, around 12 something there was a bright light coming from a newly open shop, ohh is it open already?? Again feels like slapping them, this time with a bat or christine?? Hmm..Ok, done with the coins searching now, more problem to come.

more like this!

 After done with my first washes, there is still a second round (rinse mode) to go, but HELL NO, come this fuc**** lady with her boyfriend and a group of friends take out my clothes while it still in the washing machine (i wasn't there, otherwise there would be a fight)..i was stunned and confused and all they got to say was "alamak tgk xde org kitaorang amek bawak keluar la"..stupid irksome people, feels like shooting them with M-16!!
credit to Mr Google

 Reluctantly, i took my half washed cloth and put it in the drying machine, luckily there is no unannounced incident happen (alhamdulillah), so after done with my laundry i rush the library and finish my assignment and yes i half finish it, and there is still lots to go..and i envy my friends for finish it they can be so fast!!!!! Today's moral is, don't wash your clothes after's taboo!

So, that's all for now...will not pour all the details of my lovely life..PEACE (buat muka minta penampar)...

like this, muka minta penampar!! haha

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