Sunday, October 23, 2011



"Meon chute!! Feels like having a pet, miss my twins (not hock square ok)"

Yea!! It's holiday and its the boring weekend so far, total damn boring. The only thing i'm looking forward to is tomorrow event. LOL, yeah, should just accept the invitation and having leisure time at home, but what the heck. Right, i'll be lonely for the next couple days due to the reason that all my friends are enjoying their vacation back home, while i'm stuck here with responsibilities (sgt 'berdisiplin') but i like it!!

Just bought my new headphone, it's quite nice but to compare to my friend who had just received her iPad, it's nothing =( isk2...LOL. Laptop and I are having mutual dislike right now, it always sulking for no reason (bad laptop, daddy will not wipe u). Just now it crashed down and i can't even handle it properly, X(.
Another random pics



Pose time, click2.

Nevertheless, we're both make up and leave all the bad things behind...ermmm, well i don't have any exact issue to be put here, just another babbling about whatever i had experience. Frankly speaking, i live my life well more heart feeling, no more head ache, no more drama and most importantly no more back stabber. Just Meon n me..hahahaha (meon is a squirrel ok) a damn cute one. I want a pet, miss my twin kitten.

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