Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intimidate. Best word for now.


"Hello u lazy ppl who dont know when to giv up. 'OMG he's talking bout Fran Drescher'."

'Again, i'm suppose to have completed my ASSignment long ago, but WTFing is wrong with me? I cant really focus these days, keeps on dwelling in dreams, delaying my works, playing with fb and take shower for an hour (yes, roughly an hour, on weekdays).  My mind doesnt work like it used to, is it because i have to much freedom here? man i dont know how to discipline myself, it preposterous to think that i could cope with uni life, really silly. Why do i even convinced myself to further my study? Oh yeah, i didnt it's the other me(ridicule)....i dont want to be obligated by this matter, it rather tiring...skinny snorlax, y did u applied for rexco?? And why they elected me? <--bigger question, lol...

Never mind that, it's just my way of expressing my thoughts, unique right? These couple days had been amazing, not in a good of cause. My submission and presentation is on this Friday, test is on next week for the 3 major classes..damn!! i must not play anymore..i need to focus more on this problems...need guidance.

I hate talking nonsense, it doesnt make any sense if i dont response doesnt make me arrogant, i'm just not that interested with ur conversation at all...I like my new friends here, they're awesome n hopefully this is a friendship that last forever, tired of changing

I'm keeping everything short now these days, just blogging to let everything out from my chest it's a burden to carry it around.

Briefly explain about my evening, it was fun we had some exercise and running around and i had to pair with chasing girls? its like hindustan. Extremely tired, and still i hardly complete anything yet...tomorrow i'll be seeing Dr. asking her about the test and hopefully i get some inside info from her. InsyaAllah.

Listen to Pooh just now, about the presentation that he had done, it's scary. He keeps talking about Zaki (a guy that i heard a lot from him, but never actually meet on how he present his gorg, Pooh describe him like an angel sent down to earth to take TESL. =S Yes he is competence in linguistic as well as communicative, and now i'm intimidate by him. I thought i was English smart. Obviously, i'm just a town boy who does not have anything to show or to share, just some another not-so-important character in this picture (it's deja-vu all over again). Now i'm depressed.

It's half past 3 and i have not start anything yet, i need to pump up my competence!!

Sleepy~ Chow ppl.

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