Friday, October 14, 2011



"Celebrating Diwali anyone? Don't forget my 'murruku'"

Test is just around the corner and i don't know whether i'm mentally prepare for it, it seems so hard to be having a lot of these things going's not like STPM anymore, the duration is shorter. Here, few weeks later, BOOM! you'll have a test coming next week. Cruelty or just being lazy? I left the answer to you guys to ponder. Today had been fun, but if it wasn't for that lousy presentation on Linguistic it would be even better, who knows that the presentation carry marks? I did my very worse on it and now humiliation, desperation of getting high marks overwhelmed me. Lame excuses. I wish that i could rewind the time so i can give my very best, haha it seems too good to be true, but these things doesn't go that way, its reversible.

Perhaps i could do my very best. No, i will do my very best it cannot be next time, i will have to start now. Literally, right now!. Shutting my laptop and start focusing?  (Why am i watching this movie? Lame, yet interesting. LOL)

Life. Current status quo doing just fine, nothing much happens these days everything is in the right order. I think this will it for now, can't think of anything else, busy thinking of something else. You know what i mean.

Alright, see you again with another story in these so-call-diary..

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