Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a day!

Dang it , i hate the facts that i have to wait for 2 hours just to get my payment and yet i still haven't receive it..what a day, i really need to use that cash...that damn BA*TARD keeps putting it off the hook, always with his lame excuses..what kind of business that he runs if it did not gain any profits at all?? A small cafe would surely gain a lot of profits...i'm really tired, tired being push around, tired being enslave like this i can take it anymore ..what a teen like me do to prevent this happen again?

-i'm not their puppet-

moral: does a person needs to be an  asshole just so he can get justice?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decent doesn't make you Good!!

Does it always bother you when things didn't work out as you wanted? Well i am. Okay, this isn't what i wanted to post actually,as you can see up there it tells you does being decent makes us good? well i don't believe this kind of shit...if a decent guy suppose to be nice to everyone even though people are giving them shit out of their own life, they will never survive. We need to realize that not every person we meet have the same mentality like us, they likely perhaps are dumber, evil, charming, blood-sucking tramp or even worse those who fake to be your friend but end up manipulating you for their own benefits...that's the real danger of all. I once experience it and it was really bad and to date i just pray that they will get what they deserve (i couldn't pray for the worst). Back to point, this is the scenario that always happen if you keep being nice to people even though they don't deserve it...well believe me when i say they do not earn our sympathy, let the poor live and the blood-sucking tramp, gigolo, slut just die..they should not be given a second chance. I may look decent but don't take it as a ticket to cross my path!!

-what the heck the world ain't fair to us, goodies don't survive-

moral of the story: be really aggressive in order to survive. o_O" 

Be like him!! hehe =..="