Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't lose your essence!

Though life is harsh, pull yourself together and keep on walking to the future. Never stops your journey halfway, let the pain be your teacher as you gain experience through the hard way. When you reach the highest strata of the pyramid, immerse yourself in humbleness and integrity values, don't you ever forget who yourself is.

to abah and mak: 
p/s i miss you, al-fatihah

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Losing myself

Im just tired with myself....i cant discipline my attitude, my thinking sucks and i believe that im falling backwards! what is worst i dont even care about it. Oh dear, this is the attitude i have been avoiding...urgghhhh i need shut this attitude away!! GET AWAY u freaky, lazy ME!!! i need a balance person in me to make things organize....but with everything happening now i dont think it will be that easy...i just dont want to lose myself...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

they say this, we prove that...

crazy week aite~~

5 more days to go and b4 that Assalammualykum...

i kept thinking bout my mom, what will happen to her after this..she seems to be CLUELESS.
I wanted the best for her and she wanted the same for me, she wants me to focus on my study which i doubt i will...but with all that happened i cant back down yet. Not at this rate.

TM, hmmm is hard for me to tell you bout TM serius! nothng special bout it to those yg mmg xleh hidup dgn gadget...for me TM serve as the best place to relieve one tension, SERIUS. Kalu nk mandi sungai, off ja ke Sg Samak, kalu nk berkayak...lepak ja kt tasik PCity..mmg best la TM, yg xbestnya xsemua benda tu kita buleh buat..time constraint and lack off friends (yg lasak) mbantut semua tu...

i still remember what my lecturer said to us in our 1st semester, Mrs Napisah... 

"They said UPSI student have no social life, change that"

that is why i wanted to create my own life, a life that is free from fakers and crybabies, a life that i can look back and not regretting the thing i've done...that one life meant for me.

what kind of life do u want?