Friday, September 30, 2011

Too much to bear?


"Like always, my love for you guys never fade. Yeah, right"

Okay, i couldn't stand the idea of not posting entry on my beloved blog, it's cruelty, so i decided to keep on blogging during my leisure hour (whether or not i have leisure hour). Today's entry is about me congratulating myself for being selected as a Rexco for the Exco Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (lame). Unfortunately, for me this mean that my responsibility for the college is growing larger, in other words i have to spare my weekend for Rexco (i had to canceled my KL trip this weekend,SHEET!). Nevertheless, this also mean that i am growing mature and this kind of matter won't bother me much (ayat nk bagi sedap hati ni), i will do my duty willingly, even though deep inside i am suffering (kidding lol).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bye2 Blogger n Fb!


'Tanya sama pokok, apa sebab goyang...nanti jawab angin yang goncang'

The above title mentioned about me going to leave FB n Blogging? Yea right, FB maybe, but never blogging it's my compassion to blog everything i have encountered.Nay, actually i'm just going to leave it for a while until i finish my mid-sem test and finals. Well, you see i have set something straight from the beginning of my journey here, at UPSI, which is to score the best in me. So, in order to do that i could not let myself wander around and not focus on the main task. Then, after a serious investigation and judgement i found the roots of this problem, Facebook. It is very cunning action made by the marvelous people and i hate it because i am addicted to it. However, i vowed to reduce the usage of FB, hopefully i could restore my long-lost passion about books and study. In the mean time, my love for blogging will just need to wait a little bit longer, since blogging is one of the factors of my dropping standard in my life. I will, from time to time be updating my blog from every point of view which will be a diary of my life. Until then, i hope to see you people here. Soon.

p/s- pray for my success! Thanks for following me...u rocks!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kebetulan atau Takdir?


'Hi, apa khabar orang di sana? Disini, sihat2 saja...tak ada gundah cuma gusar saja..

cait!! apeda cakap macam P. ramlee saja...nak bikin drama ka....sigh..' 

Ok2, enough with the babble, alright then today's entry is about some miracles happened to me a couple days ago. However, to make this entry a lot more interesting (according to me) i will mix it up with my mother tongue. Maka, bermula lah era bahasa rojak aku ini...hehehe.

Story nya bermula begini, tersebut la kisah~ si anak teruna~ yg terlepas jua ke arena menara gadingnya~ haha, it all began with a loud, disturbing noise (according to my room mate) in a lovely morning around 4am to 5am maybe, when all of sudden the alarm rang. Ring!!!!!.  Ambo was shock by the expected ringing alarm (yo la eden yg setkn) so in a dash movement ambo turn off the alarm so ambo can go back to sleep (lazy la bdak ni). Ambo couldn't think straight during that time, and couldn't find any legit reason why ambo set that alarm at 4am to 5am, but, ambo couldn't care less because the 'syaitan ni rajim' had been persuading ambo to continue my beauty sleep. So ,ambo went back to sleep (lemahnya iman dia ni). After a few hours, ambo woke up and realize that ambo had missed my morning prayer, it is such a regret to ambo because ambo did not just missed the morning prayer only but also the isyak. Only then, ambo realize the reason why ambo set the alarm so early in the morning. Stupid. Ambo was cursing myself for being too ignorant to realize that there are a lot of things to do rather than sleeping. Ambo also have been nicknamed with the 'skinny snorlax' because ambo likes to sleep.

The misfortune does not stop there because ambo got class at 12 noon, and ambo woke up at 9.30 in the MORNING! SHEET!. Perhaps, readers would find that the gap between those time is sufficient for ambo to get ready, but, believe ambo it is not enough. Ambo had to get everything ready, because ambo had planned the night before things that ambo need to do before going to class, because of ambo carelessness ambo had to skipped a few not-so-important task (every task is important). With no second thought ambo grabbed the toothbrush and head to the bathrooms, ambo took a short bath (which is unparalleled to ambo universe). Next, ambo skipped breakfast (b/fast mende dah nk dkt lunch 2) and ran towards the lift, ambo knows what readers think, ambo had dressed up in a flash before ambo go (gile pe ingat ambo nk pegi kelas wearing towel only?!).

Soon after, ambo reached the bus stop/stand and noticed that there were many students waiting for the next bus, SHEET! ambo thought. Nevertheless, ambo couldn't find any other alternatives but to patiently waited like the rest of the student. Waiting is suffering, ambo thought, but thank Allah, the bus came after a while, and ambo took the bus(It is a proof that Allah is the Most Merciful). It was 10.30 am. Upon arrival at the UPSI campus, ambo strolled around the shops and stalls located near the campus, with hopes that ambo will find something to eat (starve like hell kot), and after a few times ambo 'tawaf' around the shops ambo settled down with a couple of 'kuih' and headed off to the bus (klas ambo bukan kt kampus, kt PC doh...jauh tu). 

However, after passing a book store ambo noticed something shining and interesting, luring ambo to go and check it out (check3 it out). So, ambo go and check it out. It was covered with shiny cover, and written in bold, the pages was were very informative and it was ambo's favourite magazine. It was the new Solusi volume 36, without a second glance ambo took the cash out of ambo's wallet and handed it over to the cashier, ambo was so happy with the deal happened. One thing that made one of ambo eyebrow rose is the issue mentioned on the front page. Ironically, the issue is all about 'Subuh'. 

credit to Majalah Solusi/Facebook.

So, readers could you guess what ambo try to convey here. If not, think deeper. This is what ambo think Allah is trying to show me, ambo missed my morning prayer and then ambo stumbled with this magazine which is my favourite. It shown that Allah do care about me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



'We'll rock your world like never before'

Identity is something that make us unique, which represent our characteristic, persona and aura. Mine is not that bright and attractive, its more on repelling others, alone and dark. Even though, i may look joy able to most of the eyes, but, the real me is only to certain eye. So what's make you, you?

  which identity, reflects you the most?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason to my hatred in Sport.


Hey peeps, stop peeping me!! Hehe just being hilarious, what? not funny? at all? Screw you people!

Okay, currently i am obligated to do my assignment but i get writers block so i tend to update my blog. Today i am fasting (saja nk habaq kt ampa semua) yup, i'm devoted to my religion (saja nk buat alim sat) but in the mean time i would like to share a little bit about myself. A part that obviously known to my closest friends but the reason remain secret. Yes, its the reason of my hatred in sport(dia mula dah).

I have always been very bad at sport, never in my life i love it, i detest it very much to the point i would start yelling as if i was being exorcise. Okay, the story dated way back during my childhood when i was still in my primary school(lama woo). During that time i have always enjoyed playing sport but never to like it, it's something i found relaxing and stress-free. However, it all started during my P.E lesson. It was a bright, sunny day for me and my friends to enjoy our free time since, our teacher had left us without any provision. As usual we were told to choose our game for the day, and most of us decided to play football (can u guess who's the opposition?)

to be continue.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

TESL: Pride and Joy.


Hello folks, its me again; your elusive Nazri Noor aka Mr E. Okay, that's all for today hope to see you people soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living like Oprah.


"Wellesley jump into a well then bump into a bell that make his head swell like hell."

Haha, drifting apart from my main entry..FINALLY! i can access internet without any difficulties, man living life as a university student can be really stressful..i never imagine that i had to wake up early in the morning (around 4 am in case anyone was wondering) every morning, just so i can finish my assignment. This all are new to me and i don't even know how to cope with it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Lost Dream.


I used to had a dream, where life would be much simpler. Now, it shattered apart and bring my spirit down to hell. A dream that i used to awed and wooed, seems stupid and i don't even care about it anymore. My dream, whether it is a reality or just an illusion brings me happiness but at the same time eating me from the inside. I wouldn't know whether to accept the facts that its torn me apart, yet i still hang on it. Pathetic.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Question of Understanding


An article that i find very interesting. Enjoy.  

A Question of Understanding

Most Atheist arguments challenge the compatibility of an all-loving God with the perceived injustices of life. The religious identify such challenges as reflecting an arrogance of intellect -- being the assumption that we as mankind, an element of creation ourselves, know better than God how His creation should be ordered -- coupled with the failure to appreciate a larger design.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tinta Seorang Anak

At last, something that i can relate with *copy & paste from Nur Azani*

Ibu.. Ayah. 
Hari demi hari berlalu..
pelbagai mehnah dihadapi.
kadangkala .. tutur kataku mengguris hati kalian.
sesekali.. perilaku ku menaikkan api kemarahan kalian.
kerap kali juga.. jasadku menjadi mangsa.
sakit. sakitnya tidak tertaksir.
Hanya Allah yang tahu pedihnya tubuh kecil itu .
Jiwanya meronta mencari aman.
mencari dan terus mencari ketenangan.
Hati anak kecil itu runsing melihat keletah ibu dan ayah yang kerap kali bertengkar.
Anak kecil itu tidak memahami..
apakah puncanya ?
terusan anak kecil itu bermonolog..
" Adakah aku yang menjadi punca ? "