Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reason to my hatred in Sport.


Hey peeps, stop peeping me!! Hehe just being hilarious, what? not funny? at all? Screw you people!

Okay, currently i am obligated to do my assignment but i get writers block so i tend to update my blog. Today i am fasting (saja nk habaq kt ampa semua) yup, i'm devoted to my religion (saja nk buat alim sat) but in the mean time i would like to share a little bit about myself. A part that obviously known to my closest friends but the reason remain secret. Yes, its the reason of my hatred in sport(dia mula dah).

I have always been very bad at sport, never in my life i love it, i detest it very much to the point i would start yelling as if i was being exorcise. Okay, the story dated way back during my childhood when i was still in my primary school(lama woo). During that time i have always enjoyed playing sport but never to like it, it's something i found relaxing and stress-free. However, it all started during my P.E lesson. It was a bright, sunny day for me and my friends to enjoy our free time since, our teacher had left us without any provision. As usual we were told to choose our game for the day, and most of us decided to play football (can u guess who's the opposition?)

to be continue.


  1. Tpi aku ada rasa tringin nak main squash...It looks kinda fun!!!

  2. fun la ang, sat ni ak nk smbong story ni..buat masa skang byk sangat kerja so terpaksa la tunda...sbb nk online pon kena nek bas g library, sbb xdpt lagi pass utk wifi kolej...alala sian nya aku ni..haha

    ang cenna enjoy campus life? ak suka sngt course aku ni...memey kena la ngan jiwa aku ni..