Saturday, September 24, 2011

Remain Sole, Strong and Passionate.


'The road less traveled is sometimes worth risking' that's what a Gen Y would do.

On September 23rd 2011, the JMK KHAR held an event that to me make no sense at all. I couldn't harvest any kind of thinkable knowledge from it. I couldn't say that it doesn't give me anything, however, the impact is not that strong to persuade or to entertain me during the time. It was dull and tremendously boring. My first impression was this had nothing to do with me, not a single word could be related to me, but, i was wrong.  Not in a sense that it give me something, but, in a way it made me realize something.

Throughout all this time i still haven't met anyone that could tolerate with my attitude. None, based from my observation have what it takes to be a friend of mine. Perhaps, the source of problem does not come from the outside, instead it was from the inside, it was me. I did mentioned this on my previous entry, about me being a repelling magnet on others, but not to the point of hating or neglecting them. I do want to have friends, but for a strange reason, i still haven't found any. Is it because i'm not cool enough to mingle with, or is it because of my appearance that wounded their sight?

I don't know what to say, or perhaps because of my religion? Or the facts that i care so much about my religion that makes some of my muslim colleague was so intense with me. I'm not showing off nor trying to boast about anything, i just want to be accepted in a community, but, if the community couldn't deal with it then i see no point of argument. Let me take the road less traveled, its a win-win situation for all of us, at least for them.

This is what i noticed during the event held just now, me being left out again. People being too individualism, too attached with their status quo that chicken them out from having to socialize with the varied community. The event was very good, but, how it was handled was very disappointing. I couldn't blame them, due to many reason that support the facts that it is the system needs to be blame. Yep, i'm blaming the system.

Most of us realize that there is an invisible wall building surrounding us, a wall that differentiate us from being a community. I noticed this long before i entered UPSI, the problem rooted to our earlier childhood, where we being modified with the thought that Malay should be among themselves while the minority remains within their range. Never, in my experience, so far, i see a young Chinese boy  come to a Malay house and play or just hang out there. They were always restricted by their parents.

At least, this is what i thought, i don't really know about all of this. It just came cross my mind due to the reason that i having difficulty in choosing the right people to mingle with. Am i being too choosy?.
I'm brainstorming for ideas, to come out with a great solution, but, i realize that  the source of problems do come from me, that is why i need to change m attitude and perception towards all people. I have to let go things i enjoyed the most and be grateful with what i own.

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