Friday, September 30, 2011

Too much to bear?


"Like always, my love for you guys never fade. Yeah, right"

Okay, i couldn't stand the idea of not posting entry on my beloved blog, it's cruelty, so i decided to keep on blogging during my leisure hour (whether or not i have leisure hour). Today's entry is about me congratulating myself for being selected as a Rexco for the Exco Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (lame). Unfortunately, for me this mean that my responsibility for the college is growing larger, in other words i have to spare my weekend for Rexco (i had to canceled my KL trip this weekend,SHEET!). Nevertheless, this also mean that i am growing mature and this kind of matter won't bother me much (ayat nk bagi sedap hati ni), i will do my duty willingly, even though deep inside i am suffering (kidding lol).

About the Exco and how i had been miraculously chosen by this magnificent people, i also don't know. one thing that i am certain with is that i did my very worst not being selected by them, but, still i do not know in what way they see me as a person who could carry out this abundance matter. However, it's okay no hurt feeling, beside i 'love' being order around and doing things that i don't like, it's my favorite past time (sarcasm).

Anyway, enough about that, what's done is done and better live with it. Recently, i registered myself for the English Debate Club and it was amazing. I couldn't wait for the next workshop and brush my debate skill. The team were very hilarious and most of the first timer kind of great, but, some (you know) are being individualistic, they like to keep to their clique which was really annoying (i feel like slapping them). What's wrong mingling with others is that so bad?

I couldn't care less (truth is it was very offending, they don't even smile back), what's matter is i am going to brush up my skill and reveal a side that i have never known before. So, that's all i guess now i i need my beauty sleep and getting ready for my class tomorrow. Audios Amigos.

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