Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Course TESL eh? Wah, hebatla kau ni..."


'I missed my morning prayer AGAIN. SHEET!!!'

That was the third time this i need to discipline myself, i'm such a skinny snorlax who loves to sleep (bad skinny snorlax). Okay, it has been approximately three weeks i have been living here (for those who were dumbfounded by this statement, i  had been accepted into UPSI as a DEGREE student in TESL) <----riaknya statement ni!!.

Honestly, i couldn't believe that i had been accepted as a TESL student, LOL, my English is not that good and i got B3 during my SPM and never achieved B4 in my previous exam (okay, that's a lie i do get B4, but, not that frequent). 

Now, i feel kind of silly, you know because most of the TESL student, those who i have met were an HONOURED students. They come here with an outstanding performance in STPM and MATRICULATION and that's make me look like nothing compare to them. The way they talk were mad, i was surprise and clearly timid down as soon i met most of the students....

So, in the end when people ask me what-kind-of-course-are-you-taking question... often i received this kind of feedback 'wah, hebatnya, mesti ko pandai BI kn'...Hello, if i were that good in English i will not been wasting my 4 years learning English. 

People, we are the same as you,so stop isolating us on a different level okay...treat us like others not like some foreign from MARs or anywhere, its ridiculously mad!

BullSHeet! I miss twilight can't wait for the last saga....Hurry !!!!! I'm craving for it...

p/s this is not what i wanted to post actually, but i need sometimes before i started to post my life on blog...i miss penang so much.....Nasi Kandaq!!!

Hari Raya!!!
the picture above doesn't have anything to do with my post, just random pics...Its Eid-Dul Fitr!!

My STPM-mates

During my STPM to Fauzan.

This is a photo during the 'Majlis Ikrar Pelajar' I was there but i was too shy to show myself, LOL. The front guy is my room mate...from Kelantan...uuhhh

It's Dr. M!!
Recently, Dr. M came to UPSI and gave us a talk about something about imperialism, it was fun and  i even had tears falling out during the reception..silly me...

ok That's all Good Day peeps!!! 

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