Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laylatul Qada

In each of the daily prayer we offer, we solemnly declare to Allâh, “Iyyaka na’budu” (You alone do we worship). While the intelligent and committed believer realizes that his very lifestyle spells worship, he knows, remembering the words of our Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam that “Du’aa’ (supplication) is worship” [Tirmidhi, Abu Dawûd] Allâh, the Most Merciful, has encouraged the believers to take advantage of certain times during the year to make du’aa’. Such an occasion presents itself annually during Ramadhân — especially on the Lailatul Qadr, the Night of Power.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life Threathen U in many ways!!

It's seems so silly to see how today's people fight just to gain or regain power, to me it seem reckless, seriously i don't find any benefits that anyone could harvest from this 'action'. Seeing how it is affecting us in so many ways, i still rubbing my head just to find a good reason why this 'illegal demonstration' could attract so many people. Do they have been paid to join this demonstration? Or, there is another agenda lies beneath all this havoc. Wallahu'alam, i couldn't discuss more about this, because obviously i'm not suit to discuss about politic issues cause i'm a KID...uhhh~. Yea right, get real!

Okay, enough with stupid introduction, to relate my opening with my point for tonight, our life can be

Something Never Change

I've been biting my lips for all this, having blistered all over my heart. Aching. Hurting. Waiting for one moment that can resurrect me from this nightmare. I haven't found it yet, the peace i have been looking for. A time where someone will going to tell me, that everything is okay. But, still there's nobody, man enough to come and say it out loud. All they could do is just talk behind their hands. Pathetic.

Listening to 'Mona Lisa' by whoever sang it, i am totally pissed by my action and my experiences, remembering what i've done. Traveling back down to the memory lane isn't pleasant, reliving each memories with such an awe. Disgusting. I wish i could go back through time and set things straight again, avoid every encountered that bring nothing but disappointment. What's the point, what's done is done. I can't change everything in the past, but i can certainly shape what's coming. I had enough with memory lane now, thinking of it makes me sick, i might vomit them out, but i can't cause it is part of me now, i might as well deal with it.

Present, it feels like nothing, but now things move so fast, its like living in the fast lane, Kimora i guess.

Today, i remain the same person as i always be. No more, no less just being myself, Nazri Noor.   

Future, i am building my foundation today for tomorrow success.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Am I Forgiven?

Sorry guys!!! Today's entry is all about FORGIVENESS.

First and foremost, i would to apologize to ALL my friends regardless age or how long we have known each other. I am sorry, if any of my behavior irks you guys in anyway that it can hurt you mentally, emotionally and physically. I haven't really know how to portray my attitude in a decent and modest way, since my social encounter is  just a tea spoon amount. And for that, i know for sometimes i am capable of hurting my friends. My lack of emphatic has been acknowledged by several of my friends, who now had clarify themselves as 'ex-friends'. It's okay, even though, its a big lost for me i still haven't put out my faith towards them and still believe that this is just a temporary ERROR only. Perhaps it is a test for me from ALLAH, a way or ways to show me the true meaning of becoming a true Muslim!.

So, dear friends,

From the bottom of my deepest heart, i held my hand together and ask for mercy, to be forgiven by my ERRORS from time to time whether it is PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE. My action is follow by my deeply remorse of what i've done. I just hope to be able to purify my soul before the calling.

Also i would like to apologize for my uninteresting blogging page and entries, since i don't really have what it takes to be a great blogger!! LOL

Finally, i leave you guys with a bit of what i enjoy, for you to seek wisdom behind it.

Does the eagle want to swim in the sea,
Restricted by the sky?
Does the fish want to dance on the wind,
Not enough river to explore?
Yet the sky is freedom for the bird
but death for the fish,
The sea is wide for the fish
but will engulf the bird.

We ask for freedom but freedom to do what?
We can only express our nature as it was created.
The prayer mat of the earth is freedom,
freedom from slavery to other than the One,
Who offers an shore less ocean of love to swim in
and a horizon that extends to the next life,
Yet we chose the prison and call it freedom.

Maap Zahir n Batin!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catchin' Up!!


Hello there, my name is NANO (OMG tertukar)...opss, sorry typo! here we go...again, Well, hello there folks, hope you are fine and healthy and happy and errr, (what else huh? faster2)...arghh, forget about greetings!! Let's get to the point...Assalamualykum, sihat? nak berkenalan boleh? (oy, what dialogue is this?), opss, i'm sorry, gone crack today...keep misinterpreting everything...(tell me about it). Ok, cutting the crap now!. 

Friends!! Its have been gone quite a while since my last post here, to be honest, i grew tired of BLOGGING and decided that it is my time to STOP and STARE for a mm, who i'm kidding with..STOP BLOGGING? not in this era. No, no..the thing is i haven't quite figure out how to schedule my time for blogging, since i don't have any electronic device at home, that can let me surf the internet (i'm wasting money on bbnd, n i don use it) so for the time being, just online twice a week and 5 minutes of walking and having risk being smuggle, rape and even worst THE ENCOUNTER!!. Pity, NANO isk, never mind, Ok..i'll survive insyaAllah.

Right, after my 'retirement' from blogging, i reach my senses that i just can't stop doing things i love...BLOGGING is what i craze for -o-" its the only thing that can let me say what the little voice is saying (go to the light~~) creepy!!. Plus, i want to keep entertain myself in this blogging and vlogging world, get the latest updates, keep in touch with friends and making new friends~, and through blogging and others social network I'll  be able to do those things with a click of my finger (achece, like ads plak).

Yaya, save it for the press (xD), Ok as for today's life, hm mm, i'm having some sort of deficiency in hearing and understanding orders and these symptoms are getting vivid each day. I suffered eyes sight-ness, mental disturbance( due to excessive JOKES) , body aching, and others undefined symptoms. I'm getting this feeling of growing old, sigh, its July now and time is ticking faster, i haven't really improve myself and as well as my HORRENDOUS handwriting!! Aiyo, i still have lot to say but the time running to fast...and ran out of cash( yea, in cc -..-").

To wrap it up, i leave you guys with this image, for you to think beneath my intention!!!

yea! i'm Naruto-freaks!
Yes, that's me! say no more, want autograph? 10 dollars each...hehe, i still have a lot of catchin' up to do so hope you guys enjoy my so-not-mature-entry, for now.

This is NANO, signing out!!

p/s; NANO is a short form of my name as if Nazri Noor.(in case you're wondering)