Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something Never Change

I've been biting my lips for all this, having blistered all over my heart. Aching. Hurting. Waiting for one moment that can resurrect me from this nightmare. I haven't found it yet, the peace i have been looking for. A time where someone will going to tell me, that everything is okay. But, still there's nobody, man enough to come and say it out loud. All they could do is just talk behind their hands. Pathetic.

Listening to 'Mona Lisa' by whoever sang it, i am totally pissed by my action and my experiences, remembering what i've done. Traveling back down to the memory lane isn't pleasant, reliving each memories with such an awe. Disgusting. I wish i could go back through time and set things straight again, avoid every encountered that bring nothing but disappointment. What's the point, what's done is done. I can't change everything in the past, but i can certainly shape what's coming. I had enough with memory lane now, thinking of it makes me sick, i might vomit them out, but i can't cause it is part of me now, i might as well deal with it.

Present, it feels like nothing, but now things move so fast, its like living in the fast lane, Kimora i guess.

Today, i remain the same person as i always be. No more, no less just being myself, Nazri Noor.   

Future, i am building my foundation today for tomorrow success.