Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bye2 Blogger n Fb!


'Tanya sama pokok, apa sebab goyang...nanti jawab angin yang goncang'

The above title mentioned about me going to leave FB n Blogging? Yea right, FB maybe, but never blogging it's my compassion to blog everything i have encountered.Nay, actually i'm just going to leave it for a while until i finish my mid-sem test and finals. Well, you see i have set something straight from the beginning of my journey here, at UPSI, which is to score the best in me. So, in order to do that i could not let myself wander around and not focus on the main task. Then, after a serious investigation and judgement i found the roots of this problem, Facebook. It is very cunning action made by the marvelous people and i hate it because i am addicted to it. However, i vowed to reduce the usage of FB, hopefully i could restore my long-lost passion about books and study. In the mean time, my love for blogging will just need to wait a little bit longer, since blogging is one of the factors of my dropping standard in my life. I will, from time to time be updating my blog from every point of view which will be a diary of my life. Until then, i hope to see you people here. Soon.

p/s- pray for my success! Thanks for following me...u rocks!

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