Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living like Oprah.


"Wellesley jump into a well then bump into a bell that make his head swell like hell."

Haha, drifting apart from my main entry..FINALLY! i can access internet without any difficulties, man living life as a university student can be really stressful..i never imagine that i had to wake up early in the morning (around 4 am in case anyone was wondering) every morning, just so i can finish my assignment. This all are new to me and i don't even know how to cope with it.

Okay, basically for the last fortnight the UPSI MPP had held an outstanding MSK event and it was KA-BOOM. Personally, i enjoyed it very much, i even had done things that i know i will never have done it (good funny things ok). I get to know many people from different states and most of the degree students 'ambilan september 11/12' are from Kelantan!!

The funny thing is the Kelantan students weren't exactly what my friends describe they will be, they much more civilize than any of us the Penangites,and they have this 'ukhuwah', bonds between that is impossible to break. Besides, their Kelantanese is very funny and i immediately fell in love with the's so damn unique very authentic. I remember this fellow said that 'ore klate ni lemah lembut', but its true based from my observation i find they are really warm with everyone, and my room mate is from Kelantan. Awesome!!

Okay, enough about the magnificent Kelantan, now back to my first lesson. As for my first class, i didn't found any difficulties in understanding it because Reading Skills has always been my strong subject but the thing that bother me the most are the 'Pembangunan Sahsiah' class and 'Olahraga'. Both subjects caught me off-guard, i never join any sports during my school years and for obvious reason i have the lowest integrity and understanding in PS because i couldn't understand 'Bahasa Baku' really well, and i had to ask my course-mate to keep explain it to me again and again (pity him for having such a devious course-mate) . Shame on me, haha no worries i just need to pump up my effort in understanding it.

Last but not least, i expect myself to excel in this semester and achieve First Class, and hopefully with Allah's blessing i manage to go through this semester with slightly difficulty or none. To all my new friends, hear me saying that 'I welcome your friendship as longest it doesn't hurt me, i cherish this relationship as if it was something to die for, and hopefully this bonds will never breaks.'

That's all folks, see you peeps next time, whenever the time is!

p/s: notice that this entry has nothing to do with the title? Living like Oprah?  Please!


  1. Good for you because possessing reading skills...not like me,can't really understand the textbook...fully international english level..OMG !!!! But I've the same problem as you....I really not good in Sahsiah Diri n very hate Koko....*^@#*&^@#...