Sunday, May 29, 2011


 hey y'all, what's up hope you're doing fine... well today's entry is just me babbling about the interview i just had. 
Nothing much happened, not a catastrophe of course my interview was fine,
i did manage to impress them with my 'cuteness', haha (with my pink,purple,cream,and gray stripy tie)
my interview went well, the q's wasn't that difficult... 
they mainly focused in my personal info and others,
also they did questioned me about the current issues...
PPSMI, and to justify it...
a big thanks to my new friends(which i don't even know her name) 
for briefing me about the PPSMI thingie...
Honestly, i know nothing about that issue, and to justify it i find it very difficult...
because i know nothing about it LOL...-_-"
Nevertheless, based on my knowledge in my STPM year and my SPM year i manage
to come out with brilliant point (i think??)
Ok, let's not babbling about that either haha, in the end after several q's answered (+oo+)
i was asked to recite the RUKUN NEGARA loudly,
LOUDLY??? yorrr, isn't my voice loud enough?
Well, it's a tough call, i always had problems with two major things in my life,
My handwriting and my so softy voice!!
Haizzz, when will the man hormones going to develop in me, i had to admit i do have my feminine side 
(which i had no intention in it, its natural cause, don't judge me)
Thus, i had to use my 'tummy voice' (felt like having a c\vocal class) haha
Alhamdulillah, i did it and they were pleased with me...
they even said that i have a big opportunity to take this course, because of my gender...
( hmmm, that can be an interesting topic to discuss) 
Anyway, my consensus is that, i did it, i manage to overcome my fear of interviewers??
Nothing to worry more, just a please upcoming months for me...
This is it, i'm Nazri Noor, signing out!!m

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