Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Takkan Pernah Berakhir!!

You may seem to notice how certain people react differently towards their problems. Some end up meddling with something they shouldn't meddle with, others choose a different path, a short-cut, a way that not only lead them to doom, but also capable in destroying their life and loves one. I've seen how these people repeatedly abusing their own life, how sad to me to see that those people are related to me! It is such a shame and hurtful to see my OWN flesh and blood clawing on each other! Can't there be peace among us? Why it is so hard to have tolerance between us? Be more understanding on others problems, why should there be lies involve in such decent life?

Have not ISLAM taught us anything? Does the story about our dearest Prophet Muhammad SAW and HIS JIHAD taught us nothing? How HE struggle himself just so he can see his 'ummat' live in harmony and on the right path? ALLAH SWT path? It will never end, does it... We are muslim and we should stick together, help each other and not slandering about it! Wake up my BROTHERS and SISTERS, it is time for us to live as one.

Let there be peace among us, and seek for forgiveness. What a shame to see such brilliant mind wasted away.

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