Monday, June 6, 2011

Living a Static Life!

As usual, i live my routine life, working-bed-eat-working, and the cycle's continues...once a while i'm having difficulties, with my parents and family, but this is kind of things that grows me up in becoming a man... i should not complain instead cherish it. Like my teacher said 'Tidak beriman seseorang itu sehingga diuji oleh Allah'
Kira beriman juga la aku ini.

That's all folks, this is Nazri Noor, signing out!


  1. btw, dtg dari blog abg ben :) definition blog ringan tu maknanya bila org masuk blog kita, senang nak loading.. :) jom try kat sini

    ouh jgn lupa singgah blog alya pulak ! :)

  2. ooo.......xyah nk include banyak sngt widget eh..