Friday, June 10, 2011


Slow day, today...too slow, but in the end it felt like the world moving so FAST. I still can recall the last time i sit for my STPM examination, it feels like yesterday, my friends and I were preparing for our final paper, usuluddin. The question wasn't that difficult, to be honest, it was quite, what would i define as 'kacang punye', however, during that moment it felt like sitting for the super A-level test (Stpm is A-level too?). I don't know what's got into me, i sort of gave up answering usuluddin paper 2, maybe because i have no intention in pursuing my studies in Stpm level (that's not the point). But, i went for it, i seized the chance even though i had a better opportunity lies ahead.  (yea, looks who's talking)

Until now, i still haven't figure out who or what exactly i wanted to be?(been asking this question a lot) I could always take the high road and be with my friends in Polytech, but, knowing myself as a person who always do what others don't (ceh2, nk kata dia unik la 2), i decided to take the road less traveled. It is much more easier and simpler for me (complex thoughts= difficulties), but, now like all others pre-mature teenagers(adolescence la), i feels like i'm making a huge mistake; i don't know where to begin but it's like having another living creature inside me and its doing all the bargain.( hehehe -..-")

Like i said earlier, i haven't quite figure out what i wanted to be when i grow up(-..-") so the path taken was SPONTANEOUS action, when people ask me what would wanted to be 5 years after; there would usually be two possible answers: 1. If i graduate with excellent grades, i wanted to pursue my education in Law., 2. If i graduate with 'cukup makan' grades, i'll just go with the flow. Well, since my grades is quite better than 'cukup makan' i decided to go with the second option: go with the flow. So, after a while, here i am waiting for any offer from any Higher Institution regardless public or private (hopefully public, couldn't afford private), to come and soar into my open wide arms.

There's always a moment, where i came to a thought that i will never get out from my shell, that i always, no matter how hard i try, NEVER get out from my dark times. I gave shuddered just by thinking it. Nevertheless, having that thought kind of strengthening me up, mentally and physically, it is what makes us mature, right?. 

Speaking about difficult times, what suppose to be just a slow day turn out to be a slow and PAINFUL day to me! Thanks to my 'BOSS' for sending two of IKA's best man away to IKA Padang Serai, i end up unloading the lorry ALONE! It takes about less than an hour for me to unloaded the lorry, and another half and hour to shift all the items to the second floor!! Phew, it was what would i say a very painful day for me, but, again here i am still alive aren't i? xD. Well that is another story for another day, as for now i think i better stop babbling more about today's life, enough with the details -..-"

My consensus is that(almost there), life is like a baby trying to walk for the first time, despite falling on his knee many times, he would try again and again until he manage walk the walk. So, folks baby steps in doing anything, glory isn't everything its the satisfaction that's count!
Ooh! one more thing did i mention that i'm trying for TESL? I did right, so, please pray for my best!! Thanks XD.

Until then, I'm Nazri Noor, signing out!

**ok i might be exaggerating a little, (ok, a lot), but still it feels that way (to me) o.O"

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