Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bout my Blog!

This a little bit about my modest blog, honestly, there's nothing special about it...but to me it brings greatest pleasure in sharing my opinion and thoughts with friends and followers. Even though, i'm still new at this, i don't take things lightly. My aim in blogging, first is to money blogging xD: well i do want to earn money just by blogging, to do that i need to keep it up my pace with today's era. I am looking forward to represent certain companies, regardless what agenda they might have plotted, to be able marketing their products as well as myself. In my cases, blogging is the only way that i find sufficient enough for me to promote my products (okay, its my uncle's, i'm just the sales guy). Through blogging, it would be much more easier , since i don't have to waste my hour talking people into purchasing my products (fine, my uncle's) and through it i would be able to tackle some friends (more or less) to be my friends, -..-". 

Enough said, back to the point, my blog is about my passion towards life and how i see the world through my little eyes (perspective). It's also about my gruesome life and how i live to endure it without it affecting my mental and emotion condition. Through this blog i hope to learn how to express myself more effectively as well as improving my skills in everything the world demands now!. To date, i have learn so many thing and yet there tonnes of things that are waiting to be discover. 

Until then, this is Nazri Noor, signing out! 

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