Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reachin limit? Ponder the worst.


"We are LIMITED but we can push back the borders of our limitation"

Its a quarter before midnight and i'm suppose be doing my synthesis paper and get ready to sleep, but as usual something came up and the synthesis was blown away by it. Predictable. Anyway, funny, weird things happened to me today, stupid things to be exact how embarrass i was to even think about it..lol. 

Everything went the opposite and in awkward way...damn, it started with me woke up at 11.30 am rushing myself through serious make over, redo my hair many times and yet leave the house with messy hair. Style? You wish!. On my way to class nothing critical happened just ordinary trip, but i did suffered minor daydream symptom whereby i was dreaming about the bus had an accident and rolled a couple times before exploded into thin air, like Hatake Kakashi mangekyou sharingan and how it make stuff disappear, something like that and the miracle thing was i am the only survivor..maybe that's why its called a dream. And i like to dream worst things to happen so when bad things occur it seems little to me. Not a very good advice though, ignore it!.

Back to the point, the rest of the day turn to be okay with no supernatural things happen, but i can't seems to stop day dreaming...one time during Reading class where Rosli suddenly and intentionally pointed out that Nazi is similar to my name (Nazri) and all of sudden i was picturing myself with cute mustache and conducting a massive HOLOCAUST. Not something to be proud of. Another, during Mr. Seva class the funny thing is how much i try to force myself to focus in his class it never breaks through, all i could think of was having dinner. LOL.

 Okay, the daydreaming stops there, then came the embarrass part...i hate the part when i broke promises...sorry about that to anyone concern, never intended to, it just sort of happen..the bus incident, the massha catastrophe, and the webcam sensation. The bus incident was not funny to be told here and it happened because of Fahmi!! Grr...adding more unnecessary joke behind was something i would say "jatuh saham aku"  and i think i leave it just like that, to frustrated to share..=( 

Then came the massha incident, to all my friends listen to me, covering and slapping a person eyes from behind was not a funny thing to do, especially when the person was a stranger that resemble your friend. Please do make sure you had the right person. Otherwise, you'll end up like me...i thought i saw my room mate at Massha, then i went and covered his eyes and slapped his face from behind...and it turn out to be someone else!! Seriously, wasn't the best moment..i had to apologized twice to him...
Few hours after the Massha incident, i was in my room and doing my synthesis paper, hoping to finish it.."Ustaz Azhar" came, bullshitting here and there, i wasn't paying attention to a word he said...just nod and uttered something then continued with my work...Finally, after a few moment of silence a news struck me...the sahsiah class was cancelled, and my reaction was 

cause i was looking forward for the class, and then it was cancelled..urghh i'm making troll face again...
After receiving the news, out of blue old friend of mine contacted me through a video call it was surprisingly awkward cause i'm not sure of answering it and yet i did. It was something new..and the embarrass part was when i was too sexy for her to see then the conversation end up with both of us covering our webcam (what's the point of video call then??) so that we won't see each other face..i was half naked that time lol...not something to be proud of.

So, that's it i guess, well since tomorrow class is cancelled that leaves Mr. Rushdan class and it won't be until 5pm, still have time to do my synthesis, and hopefully i'll be able to finish it...to many times of delaying works and chances were given yet, i took it lightly...very ungrateful!! Okay, then leave y'all with Assalamualykum.

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