Sunday, December 4, 2011



'A compliment is a verbal sunshine'

Yoshiii~!!~ sigh, it's been so long since my last post..and it's a little bit dusty in here, well that's what u get when u manage two last 24 hours had turned out to be fun, yeah fun!!! well, first i had to attend a compulsory-thirty-marks-course at Za'ba approximately 9 hours,straight!!!

As i expected the first 3 hours turn out to be boring as tuutttt....with talks and stuff..well u know when ppl talk we won't really listening, especially in those kind of environment...yarrhhhh. Anyway, the rest of the day turn out to be quite fun, i had time to shake m stress out with stupid dance...hahaha. It was awkward at first, but i manage to let myself slip for a moment and start doing the disco dance with my new found friend Ay, a chinese girl with hectic attitude.

It's fun, once in a while to meet new ppl coz u may never know what will going to happen in the future, so why don't you just take a risk and start doing something beyond the norm, i did!
And you'll be surprise with the outcome, it is outstanding d(>w<)b

honestly, i have a lot to share with, but my body seems to get extremely tired, donno y, but it just get weaker and weaker donno how long i can hold on..keep holding myself so i won't fall down, but this pain is killing me!! urghhh, pain2 go away don't come at any day!!

gtg...synthesis is calling and so with the pillow!! >w<"

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