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"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly"

Hey, sorry it has been a while since my last post =..=" I don't really in the mood of blogging, kinda confused with my status and desire right now. I believe most of us live their life with someone they care and love, whether it is your family, loves one, or just friends. Well, today my post will be something that i had been craving to deliver it here, it is about something that help to shape who i am now, besides my family, which is my friends.

Even though, i don't really show my appreciation towards them but still i wanted them to know how much i care and appreciate them for being my friends for these hectic years of my life...I heard some saying that today's generation rely too much on their friend in searching their identities and reasons to live, and it's true because, i too learnt a lot from my friends, they help me discovering who i am, how to have fun, and the one who were always with me whenever i feel kinda down or just feeling lonely. 

 Friends come in different packages, there will never be a replacement to a friend you lost, because everyone differ in their own way. I like my friends to be different than me, the one i can share everything without having regrets doing so. I have found some of those friends and lost one i care the most, but, i believe it's for the best or perhaps i didn't lose at all maybe it is just a phase..too much hope can be a little annoying. That's why i never fill my heart with any hope, just let it empty like always, hope kills you. However, to me once friend you always gonna be my friend.

Ughh, this solitary mood is killing me, i need to get some fresh air, so i think that is all from me for now, i'll leave you guys with picture of my friends for the past 18 years and most of them were my classmate and childhood friends...and do forgive my stupid mistakes, cause i don't have complete control of my behavior. That's all, hora hora~~ sayonara!

Mek La, my bestie since form 1 i guess..
Kecik-the bubbliest person i've ever known
K'On, my clique during high school

This is Fariha, the always buddy!!

Yah, the responsible one very naive i say..

Paan, to think about it i don't really know him much..X)
Yana, the pinky maniac (she loves pink)

Rab'y, K'On, Ct, Yana


Sivaji and the Gang!! Hora Hora~

My Classmate!Hectic Class

Cik B, Cik Wanie, Bang Bunga, Bang Kumbang...hehe

Pali N Gobi!
The Clique with our f6 advisor

Hahaha, this is the TRIO the heart of my class...very lovely and turned to be my fb relative...

These two are my new found friends, Kasyfi (PLKN Mate) n Faiz (Kuro)
Rab'yatul... the girl with green hijab the rest remain stranger..haha

Nabila, my bestie for life..
Fauzan, the towkey son but he is more than that..he is Fauzan!!

Cik B!! Nadia the very reliable friend...u can trust her with anything!!

Yea we also have the male version of the TRIO
Harith, the indie and the mysterious sifu in everything lol
Salehudin..the best friend since childhood, he is 2 years younger than me yet he had the intelligent of an adult..i always be the kid whenever him around..hahaha

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