Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm not stress, just over thinking things.


"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers, but above all the world needs dreamers who do"

Lately, people keep misinterpreting my behavior, i never intended it to be that way it just sort of happened. Honestly, i couldn't control every move i made, it impossible to me, my nature doesn't work that way, i like to do spontaneous thing; one minute i'll be quiet while  the other around i might be hectic as hell~that is why i don't prefer to mingle with those who might get upset with it. You know, getting all cold after one mistake and deliberately continue it even though i tried to make it up. I can sense every feeling cause i am an empathy, i feel and i help.That's Me. Knowing what they feel, makes me feel even worse plus i just don't like to engage in this stupid Cold War, i had enough. However, by doing that people around started to think that i have got something under my sleeve, and i'm wearing short, nevertheless, it couldn't be worse than what had i've gone through. I am more mature than that, besides, this is not the time for me to get upset with everything, cause everything changes. Take friends for instance, they are like Chipsmore, they come and they one stays. Well, the truth is i am hoping that perhaps some might consider staying, but it is okay it has been a routine for me, i'll get over it..i hope.

This evening, after my Sahsiah class i went to bitarasiswa to withdraw some money and then guess who i just my senior! Yup Double A, i do know that he further his study here but i didn't expect to end up stumble upon him. Anyway, it's okay cause i believe he didn't saw me, hehe but the thing that has been bugging me is the issue they try show to us, about the posting issues. What about it? i don't know about it.

Oooh, there is something i would like to show you guys, it about ummm..i don't really know how to clarify it perhaps you guys can check the link here.

I think that's all for now, i hope to go home and get all motivation i need from my one and only friend. My Mom. Hehehe. Thanks for sharing your time just to read this entry, or my blog..=)

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