Tuesday, November 1, 2011



"Go as far you can see and when you get there you will always be able to see farther" Zig Ziglar.

My, my, my, my, my music hit me so loud make me say "Oh my ****" <--my usual crapping sensation =p
Yea, now i can feel free doing illegal things coz i reached 20!!! I can go and stoning people around, hit them with 'christine', make fun of people, sprinkle2 slander and so on...but i am more mature than that, coz i'm 20!
Where's my cake?
Ha ha ha. Well since i reached 20 years old i would like to come out with an entry that definitely unparalleled to my universe; 7 things i would like to do before i turn 21.  <--very innovative is it?
Common mistake usually done by other blogger when they did this entry is they like to include something that will probably would not happen, eg; "i want to go to france", "become a martian" and so on...well as for me i would like to with the short term choices, it is more durable and achievable, less complicated and less ambitious? <--screw you people! so here are my 7 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 21.

1) First and foremost, i want to finish all of my work on time! Haha, a very wise choice...

2) Then, i would definitely want a car licence; almost got it but have to deterred it..damn!!

Could this be my driver's licence? I like!

3) I hope to excel in this semester. I need this sem to be extremely good that bad!!

One day, with flying saucers..errr meant colours.

4) My wish is that i can maintain all the friendship thread i held for some time, hoping that it will get stronger and stronger; miss u guys

Once a friend, it'll remains for life!

5) In this batch,  i don't really know everybody yet, so my intention is to get to know everyone..regardless age, ethnics, gender and sexual desire??
Available? Curious??

6) This one is special, i hope my mother will get to perform her Hajj cause she's been eager to go and the only thing that stops her is ME. She still has me to take care of, her little boy...thanks Mak.

I pray for her health and happiness, always!

7) If i were destine to depart before i even reach 21 i would likely to have all my sins to be wipe out, and i'm working on it..and hopefully, InsyaAllah, all my friends especially those who was hurtful by my action, can forgive all my hideous behaviour in the past. Dude, i'm still have not develop maturity yet, u know that..please do forgive my STUPIDITY!

Truly am...

Bila nak habis ni kawan?

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  1. Just saw this! Guess my newsfeed cacat-ed dah! Anyway, interesting resolution~ esp the no. 5! LOL! And you're not legal to do stuffs in 20! one more year to go laaahh~ and and and, 'christine' ain't for hitting! :P