Friday, August 26, 2011

Countdown to Hari Raya!!


Hello people,

   How's life? Having great time aren't you? Hehe, well cut the crap! Whether we realize or not its only 4 days before we begin to celebrate the Hari Raya. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Ramadhan, a holy month fill with blessing from Allah SWT. Honestly, i regret the time i had wasted on doing nothing during Ramadhan, it is such a shame and loss for me because i didn't really use my time wisely to redeem and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. I hope there will be next Ramadhan for me, because Allah knows how much i need it. Since, we have only 4 days to go have you guys manage to seize the golden night? A night worth more than a thousands months? I don't know whether i get it or not, but i'm keeping my eyes open for the last 3 nights. Hopefully, Allah would accept my prayer and forgive my sins.

   Having to think about Hari Raya is very exhausting! There's a lot need to be done, cleaning the house, decorating the place, food, expenses and not to mention my preparation for the higher education!! Last week, i'd spent more than RM500+ just to get my things and we haven't buy anything for Hari Raya. Man, this really sucks. I don't know whether we could celebrate Hari Raya this year, but i need to have faith in it. Yes, i will!

   Plus, my mom have been really busy lately, with the dresses need to sew on a deadline. I don't know how she manage to put it together, but she made it. She may be an old lady to everyone but she is my wonder woman. Thank you, mom and have a great life!

  As for my life, i've been great, excellent and i eve n get RM 1000 for Hari Raya!!!. Isn't this just awesome??!!! Haha, now i get to buy my own laptop. Don't get jealous peeps cause there's lots more to come, if you know what i mean..Ka-Ching!

That's all people, go back to your life and live it!

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