Monday, August 1, 2011

The thing called LOVE?


Howdy y'all, hope y'all in good shape...yeesh~ it's been ages i guess since my last post..yeah, been quite busy lately. I can't remember my last trip to Cyber Cafe to update my statuses and replying comments and reading manga (Naruto*)-ok that's a lie-.- .Anyway, to wrap it all up, my last couple of weeks wasn't really bad, surprisingly it was full with what would i define as 'SURPRISES'.

Surprises? Hmm, what kind of surprises that can surprise me? Let me surprise y'all with this statement. I'm ENGAGED!!!(surprise x?) Funny how times fly just like crushing some thick skull, okay that is also a lie, i'm not engage yet...LOL i don't even have a soul-mate YET! Soon~ -enough with the craps-

Okay, here's the real deal, i've been busy with my entrance to University. Yup, that's right folks i've been accepted to a uniquely but surprisingly University at Perak. What a coincidence! My friends got it too and we will going to spend our four (4) years there, brushing up our skills, meeting new people, getting hook there~not a chance-..-" and becoming the greatest Educators man has ever known.

It's the Calling, got to go...Love Y'all and Happy Ramadan! Mmuacks!!

2 be continue.. 

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