Friday, August 12, 2011



What do i know about this?

Maybe, certain of you guys might find this title a little bit provocative, but hey this has been a long debated issues among the 'intelligent'. But, the thing is no one, as far as i know had really taken this matter into their account. All they debated about is 'who to be blame for this?', 'ways to overcome' and Allah knows what more they discussed. When we mentioned 'they', which particular parties are we pointing at? Is it the parents? the government? teachers? then who? Who should we blame for this? And why they should be blame for it?

I may not be the best figure to even discuss about this, but it came to my senses that i as a muslim need to be part of it, a part where i'm able to channel my thoughts and helps to those who in need. Besides, i find this topic really interesting, since it occurs to me that how a well educated person could fall to this kind of trap. Perhaps, i could take a little lesson from it, knowledge for me to prevent myself from being trick.

This is a serious issue, but if we Muslim take this thing lightly then i am afraid there will be no future for us...

Don't let them win!

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