Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nearly there~~

    Gosh, its been ages since i last updated my blog (do i?), haha, after so long i've been meditating and focusing on my social life (which is unparalleled to my universe), something took me off guard, the MedsI test, the TESL interview and my lack of preparation for the it's killing me inside just by thinking it!! I don't have slightest idea about any of it, but thanks to the fellow TESL-ians to be, i think i'll survive. 
     However, that is not the reason why i blog this, it just that i need more information about lot of things. For instance, i would like to know what kind of reading material that suits a TESL-ian, a reading that would buckle me up to face the WORLD..and does taking TESL foundation means that when i finish my degree, i would end up teaching? Do i have the quality of a good teacher? Does my knowledge in English sufficient enough for the course i'm taking? Gosh, i hope there's someone would answer me...well that would something since i have zero followers haha..

        Nevertheless, i had took an oath to reliving my life once more, since i last departed and resurrect back with more passion towards my life.. i promise myself to excel in everything i do and i would never let any kind of disturbance knock me away from my path..that's all folks hope i will get some constructive comment, i really do!

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