Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nothing in Comparison...

A father's love is equal to your mother's...

Assalammualykum my friends,

Ramadhan is leaving, and i didn't do my best in this madrasah al-mubarak..what a waste. I'll never know whether i would live long enough to have another Ramadhan, but if i do, i will do it with all my heart. 

I miss my abah dearly, i miss the moment where he would be in the living room, greeting me every time my face pops out in front of the door, every moment i woke up from my deep sleep, and every second he was around to share knowledge and thinking. I took him for granted. Now, regrets approaching.

When he was alive, i had always compared him in my thoughts to someone else father, how i wish he would be a great dad who loves us dearly, who would show his love by buying us gifts and present. A father that a son can be proud of. I was naive to understand that.Too naive.

I can never understand a father's love, his love towards his children, the children that he grew with joy and sorrow. 

 As Syawal approaching, my wishes to everyone a very "Happy Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin"
and to abah: al-fatihah,and i miss you.

p/s: i'm PROUD of you!

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