Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be strong!

I miss my Abah. Al-fatihah for Abah.


Hey everyone, I have nothing to blog right now, everything seems to be blank whenever i'm on wasn't like this when i'm doing nothing. Inspiration slipped away. Bummer.

Anyway i do have few things to point our here, i don't know how am i suppose to deliver my wrecked thoughts here...everything is messy. First i was thinking about my doing these days, i do feel like the 'titanic' sinking down after damaged by "the iceberg". Honestly, i am confused and the only thing i feel appropriate now is to be quiet and gentle with everyone.  I wanna talk to someone about it, but to whom? It is damn tiring having to debate with yourself, and the motion wont develop so with the idea.

I thought i'm strong enough to face this!

Other times, i don't really have feeling and everything just fall on its place so it doesn't bother me much. Sigh, i'm reaching my limits here, don't really have anything left to say...

And again , i'm confused about my friends status...most of them had some misunderstanding going on and i can't really side with anyone so i'm being neutral here..again! This is frustrating, not to see everyone together.

So, peace out!

p/s: i'm getting rusty!

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