Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random post...


Aha! it has been so long i havent post anything here, there's not much of time, no inspirational, trouble, trouble,, Sigh, heavy feels like there's a big boulder on shoulder that had been lifted...i feel free now and a bit out focus cause i stil have some issue with myself... to sum up my last few im on exam mode, yesterday i had my durian and it was simply awesome..  going to have another go today....and the best of all, i lose my bestfriend, again! i think that sums up everything, no need for just sort of happened and to be honest i dont even know im just gonna let go and close this chapter for this semester, that brings nothing but pure pain...and i like to call it the break up semester where everyone is ending their relationship...yep i can just list all break ups here but i think it would better be private...well now i hope everything will go as is falsafah n tomorrow wacana n kenegaraan the day after then ill b free with nothing to do....future plan...? havent thought bout it..arghhhh im too lazy to read!!!!!!!

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