Sunday, March 9, 2014

the joker is so cruel.

i lost my wallet with all my belongings; mycard, atm cards, my personal information...everything. but the important thing that tied me to the lost is the fact that the wallet is the only thing that reminds me of my late father, a fragment of him that i always hold dearly. i feel really bad of losing his stuff. a part of me wants to jump from this building and let myself suffer but then it would be stupid and gonna cause a hell lot of drama. i dont really care about the items inside the wallet, truth is i feel stupid for losing something that important to me. i hate it, i hate myself. i know memories are one thing that linger in your mind but a medium is one thing that strengthen the memories. i lost one thing that reminds me of him and now, i lost another. idiot.

although i wanted to say more, i dont think i should dwell on this anymore. everything happens for a good reason. i still have ALLAH with me. that is one thing i do not want to lose. i dont care if my housemate treat me like crap or my roommate decide to take his own way in time i need him the most. i just dont care. i come here alone and let me leave here alone.

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