Saturday, April 13, 2013

i complaint!

Man, what a hectic day, assalammualykum peeps,
what cha doin?

This semester proves to be tougher than the last two, i had rough time coping with it. Plus i manage to stay sane throughout this 2 days attending classes. Classes are quite ok..i think. I don't really have the "clashes or rushing" cases that had been bothering the other groups, mine is in perfectly order.

However, the content are really tricky and mind consuming, or at least to me. I think it demand a lot of my efforts. KPP 301* for example, during the class i was having trouble to response and understanding the situation given as well as the explanation. From what i heard, i believe that the lecturer (Dr. Hjh Apetah?) keep on repeating and stressing about the theories such as psychodynamic theory, behaviorism theory that strongly discuss about the children development. 
 Well in this course, it demand our critical thinking in analyzing students development as well as finding a solution based on the theories studied to overcome the growing problem. I think i'll be able to ace this subject, no worries here. :)) teehee!

Another is the Drama subject, i full with dramas, that's what i want to response to the lecturer which is Mr Lajiman (his real name) on what is drama. You know to me drama is just a play written by author in portraying issues around them and show it to the audience in a way that is non-offensive at the same time effective. But then again, the true definition according to, a prose or verse composition, especially one telling a serious story, that is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action.
what!! quite the same laaa....
i know posting this in a formal way will make it a lil bit cliche but i need to polish my english back, since i have not use it for a very long time... and it is crucial for me to get 4.00 this semester. Here you go, i set my aim and i'll achieve it.

Love to post more, but i have
things to do~


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